Right Outside Your home

It’s something that most of us search for daily, but sometimes finding joy means looking at what we have right outside, or inside, our door.

Sometimes, to find JOY in the world, you just need to walk out your front door.

Is your home a representation of you and your family?

If it’s not, it should be!

Now more than ever, we see that this is where we take comfort and spend most of our time. If busy-ness has made you neglect this, it’s in your power to change it.

My home is my base. Through all the chaos – long days – busy nights and weekends. Even when it’s hard inside these walls, I’ve made it a home that is beautiful for me and my family.

It’s the place that we should rest.

A place that we should find peace.

A place we should find renewal.

A place we reconnect with the one we believe in.

I’ll be honest – for many years, I looked in places other than my home for all of those things.

I looked for belonging.

I looked for love.

I looked for acceptance.

I looked for peace.

ALL of those things were at home – but I wasn’t seeing it with graceful and humbling eyes. I saw the bad and overlooked the good. I saw the hard and overlooked the easy.

If you search somewhere else for your place – you will find it. But it isn’t always where you’re supposed to be.

At this very moment, the place you’re in is the EXACT PLACE you’re supposed to be.

If it’s hard, view it with graceful and humbling eyes as to what it is showing you and teaching you.

If it’s great, view it with graceful and humbling eyes to remind you to always remember the good you are surrounded by when it gets hard.

Maybe you don’t have a “home” right now.

Go to the home in your heart that supplies you with everything you need to be happy and peaceful. It’s there. Find what you believe in. Keep searching until you find the joy inside of you. Keep searching until peace washes over you.

It will come.

Today, it’s easy for me. I’m at peace and I’m comfortable. But I know I have been in a place where I was not. And I know that there will be a future point in time that I am not. Because that’s how life goes.

Live today.

Enjoy today.

Have peace today.

Tomorrow will come and it will feed off of how you lived today.

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  • Linda

    We enjoyed the beauty of snow ❄️ laying against the tree branches and along the wood lines today as one of the last snows showed up this morning. The white covering was beautiful but just clinging a bit. Beautiful paintings by God. Enjoyed 😊

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