Progress is Sometimes Baby Steps – 3 EASY steps to your success!

Struggles and failures are always going to happen.  They are put in your path to achieving your dreams for a purpose!  Don’t be discouraged!  The dream you have in your head is the dream GOD put there!  And HE is the one working it to fruition in HIS timing.  Sometimes that may take a different path or a different time frame than what you actually thought planned.  Stay the course!

Just because you aren’t making progress of fast as you think you should be, does not mean that you aren’t making progress.

When you hit the point of feeling like you aren’t making progress in your dreams, take a step back and look at how far you have come!  Each day is one step closer to the end plan for your dreams – no matter if we take a leisurely stroll down a winding side path to smell the flowers along the way or if we sprint the course, it isn’t always the straight and narrow road that takes you home.  In fact, the winding side path is there to show you how open your eyes to the “little things” that you don’t see on the straight and narrow.  Any progress is baby steps.

I’ve was on a winding side path for awhile…and it took a toll on my business.  But baby steps I have been taking for the past couple years have been working on my personal life AND my business life.  Those baby steps are prepping me for future growth though.  Those baby steps work through depression and personal battles.  My dreams are still in sight and I will take what I have learned in my path of struggles and use all of that to continue to light my path forward.  And little do you know, that those baby steps sometimes get your further in life than the seemingly big steps.  Don’t get discouraged.  Don’t let the devil win.  Keep on following your dreams and allow GOD to guide you in the ways that he sees them coming to fruition!

Here are three steps to keep you focused!


Your progress should not ever compare to anyone else’s!  You are put on your chosen path because YOU are the only one made to handle it.  Your baby steps are teaching you and guiding you every step of the way.  You don’t know the back story to the woman who has just gotten her first best-seller!  I’m sure there were many sleepless nights and days where she beat herself up because she believed that she was “not good enough”.  But you ARE GOOD ENOUGH!  Stop comparing yourself to someone else’s success!  Learn to hear, trust and embrace the wisdom that lives within you.  When you embrace that, you will be able to confidently navigate the tough waters of life!


When you are faced with adversity, take a step back and see where God is growing you.  Is he trying to teach you how to be humble?  Is he trying to tell you to slow down?  Is she putting struggles in your path to show you how to be intentional and not distracted?  Is he trying to show you where you need to reach out to others to grow yourself?  In every step along the way, the challenges will teach you a lesson if you only step back and look.  Take away something from every struggle.  Use it as a stepping stone to propel you forward!  Trusting the struggle is hard – but be patient with yourself as you relearn how to hear, receive and follow your own advice!  The answers are within you.


Being blessed with a creative mind, I never stop dreaming.  My passions are many and wanting to follow all of them drives me on a daily basis!  BUT, I can’t do it all and neither can you!  That doesn’t mean that you have to put some of your dreams and passions aside, it simply means to take one day at a time and do the one thing in front of you today that will give you satisfaction and move you forward.  Don’t get down on yourself because your to-do list of dreams is mounting and you haven’t checked any of them off!  Take ONE step on ONE dream and rock it!!!

You’ve got this!!!!

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