Physical Self Care Ideas

Taking care of our bodies is so important, so I’ve put together 12 physical self care ideas that you can start implementing today!

In today’s fast-paced world, it is hard to put physical self care at the top of many people’s list. For me personally, when I practice physical self care, I feel so much better. So why do so many of us fall off the train?

Why practice physical self-care? 

Physical self-care is where it all starts. Once your body is healthy, your mind and spirit can be healthy too.

If you’re like me and you struggle to find ideas that will excite and motivate you, I’ve come up with a few physical self-care ideas to help get you (and me) started!

I don’t want the word PHYSICAL to scare you though!

Make sure you read through them all because you’ll be surprised that some of the “physical” self care ideas don’t actually require a lot of physical activity. I know it sounds like an oxymoron but bear with me.

1. Nature Walk 

Not only does walking or running outside help your body, but it also keeps you grounded which is an important part of spiritual self care. 

Try walking around a park, going on a hike, or even walking around your neighborhood. Try to get outside and not inside on your treadmill all the time. Getting fresh air and seeing flowers and greenery around you will help your physical, mental, and spiritual health! 

2. Go for a Run 

If you can, take it up a notch and go running as well. You know your body best, so set goals and limits you know you can achieve. Don’t make a goal out of reach. Make it attainable so that when you hit your goal, it will only motivate you to set a higher one and go further. 

You can run with your baby in a stroller or with your spouse in the morning. Or you can get your friends to do a friendly competition with it too. Do what works for you!

3. Yoga and Meditation 

Yoga can often be a lighter and easier form of self care, but it still makes a huge difference in your health. As you practice yoga, be sure to meditate simultaneously to work on your mental and spiritual health too! 

There are plenty of great yoga videos that are a few minutes long to help you get started. Slowly build up and make it longer as you improve your strength. 

4. Workout 

Some people love to workout, while others don’t. Sometimes all it takes is one try, and then you are hooked. Try it out and see how you like it! 

There are so many great workout instructors all over the internet. I love that this type of physical self-care is absolutely free! Get an app, check out Pinterest, or go on YouTube, and you’ll find plenty of fun new workouts to try. 

5. Dance 

This is one of my absolute FAVORITES!! Turn on your favorite song and dance around while cleaning the house. Or, schedule a time to dance. 

Take some classes for dancing too! Whether you prefer dancing hip hop, ballroom, or just for fun, dancing will definitely get your heart rate up and slowly dance the stress away! 

6. Swim 

Swimming is another fun activity and great for those who hurt a lot and can’t seem to do many other working out activities. When you are in the water, your body is more relaxed and can move more freely without all the pain.  

Most cities have a public pool you can use. If you live close to the beach, that is even more relaxing! 

7. Take a Nap 

Taking time to sleep is the perfect physical self care activity. Most often, as women, we are constantly moving and working nonstop. There is just always something to do! That is why it is crucial sometimes to take a nap. 

Some days, when you finally have some free time, it will do your body better to sleep rather than do a hard workout. Listen to your body and try to rest whenever you feel like you need it. 

If you struggle to take a nap during the day, you can also try to sleep in or go to bed a little earlier. Or, simply lay on the couch, close your eyes, and meditate. 

8. Eat 

If you are a mom, you likely need to eat more food. We often get so busy we forget to eat or have to scarf it down. Try to make sure you are eating food throughout the day, so your body has enough energy. 

For your self care, one week, try to eat only healthy snacks. This is perfect for busy women who only have a few minutes each day for self care. Find healthy food that excites you, so you are more likely to eat it! 

9. Take a New Class

There are so many nice classes you can take that have plenty of physical activity. Some of these include: 

  • Martial arts
  • Tap dancing 
  • Hip hop class
  • Zumba – my FAVORITE!
  • Swimming aerobics class 
  • Ballroom dancing 
  • Yoga – my FAVORITE!

Get some friends to join you in your classes! This will become more fun and will allow you to have some alone time without the kids to truly focus on yourself.  

10. Declutter 

Decluttering helps us not only have a physically clean space but will also clear our minds. When things start to pile up on the counters, they also will pile up in your mind. 

Try taking a few minutes each day to declutter. You will find this also gets your heart rate going as it can be quite a workout! 

11. Stretch

Stretching always is so relaxing and feels amazing. If we stretch every day, just imagine how good our bodies will feel! I find that stretching at night will help me sleep better. 

Take time during your night routine to stretch out your body, especially where you feel tight. Eventually, you will feel the tension drift away. 

12. Take a Shower 

Taking a shower and feeling clean rejuvenates our minds and feels so good. As moms, we often do not shower enough as we would like. Or, we only get a quick five-minute shower, and that’s it. One day, take a nice long, hot shower and just relax there for a while. You will feel so good! 

Which activity is one you can implement today? No matter your age, there is one that works for you.

These 12 physical self care ideas are not meant to be overwhelming or challenging.

You can do any of these in just a few minutes every day. Try some of these activities next time you have time for yourself, your body and mind will thank you!


What do you think?