It just takes one

It takes ONE person to make a difference. It takes ONE person to make another feel important. If you feel a prodding in your heart, I want you to stop and feel it.

Sometimes we’re led into unfamiliar waters and it’s scary. The last 45 years of my life, I’ve done what I “should” do. I’ve recently began to release the reigns and I’m letting God control my life and I truly don’t know what that means.

It’s funny how life works. About six years ago I faced some really tough times. God put me in check and it hurt like hell. Looking back I really thought those were the years that shaped me. And in some ways they did. But we never stop changing and growing. Funny how you view those years in the rear view mirror.

I have to admit I don’t know what my future looks like. None of us do! I know my dreams. I know my passions. I know my goals. But I don’t know the path he’s laid for me.

I talked to someone this evening who placed me in a position that I didn’t feel I deserved and I realized that…

she saw my worth more than I did!

I’m just an everyday girl trying to connect with the hearts of those around me. A big part of me sometimes feels like an imposter. I’m no different than you. I’m just a girl living her day to day life trying to do the best she can. Just like you!

And then I began to ask why God gave me this platform to reach hearts? What right do I have to teach the hard lessons I’ve learned.

That’s when I heard a small voice tell me, this is why.

I can talk to a thousand people in one day, yet it just takes me reaching ONE. And you never know who that one may be.

It takes ONE person to make a difference. It takes ONE person to make another feel important.

Just ONE.

If you feel a prodding in your heart, I want you to stop and feel it.

Do it scared.

I promise I’ll hold your hand as you venture into the prodding if you’ll hold mine ❤️


  • Amy Coombs-Hood

    Thanks so much for this Beth. You have helped to bring JOY back in my life again. Keep doing what you do, even if it’s just you being you. I think that’s what we all need to see… regular people living regular lives & finding joy in just being & doing what you enjoy most in life. I see God in you & that warms my heart! Love ya, my friend? 😊❤️🌼

    • Jeanne Duggan

      Beth, your words and warmth are felt as i read your words of wisdom. I find myself today asking “Why do I base my self worth on what others think of me?”
      I hate that empty feeling!

      • Cynthia Wheeler

        Thank you Beth for this word. I’m in the middle of a huge change in my life and the mental struggle is sometimes to much. I know that my life will be better when this is over but it still feels like a huge loss and starting over is never easy.

  • Wanda Bagg

    You are so right God does not give us any task that we can’t handle . It may be a hard one and we may ask why is he doing this but at the end we figure it out and thank him for these experiences

  • Sherry Somes

    Beth, you have reached out and made such an exciting, joyful difference in my life! The Ruffled Daisy has given me a place to look forward to going, a place where I feel I belong, with others having similar interests and love the Lord! Here I have found understanding and support, and a dear, sweet friend who has listens and cares. You are special, Beth, and what you do is a gift!

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