It’s Time To Live Your Dreams

Be a BOLD girl with BIG and AMAZING DREAMS!

1. Value your time! It’s a precious thing. Fill it with only things that inspire, encourage and grow you. If it doesn’t make you whole, let it go!

2. Know you’re a work in progress! ? Understand that you are flawed and a sinner and that you are constantly in the path to being a better you. Don’t look down on your weaknesses, look up to your strengths. Let them guide you.

3. Know that you have a beautiful mind! ? You are constantly learning and striving. You have interesting things to talk about and to teach other people. Expand your mind always.

4. Know exactly what you want! ? And go for it! Don’t send mixed signals or half truths. Live with everything you have and don’t be ashamed when things fail. Keep what you want in your mind and pick yourself back up.

5. Know your worth! ? Know your talents! Know you are amazing. Set high standards in every area of you life because you are worth it!

6. Be passionate!! ? Don’t half-ass anything. Kiss like there’s a fire in your soul and touch like there are sparks in your fingertips! Share your passion of life with the world so others find their fire.

7. Push others to succeed! ? Don’t laugh at others dreams. Push others to follow their dreams and show them their worth. In doing so, your dreams will be achieved with greater purpose. Make someone else’s life better than they ever thought possible because you believed in them.

8. Don’t give up hope! ? Even when the world feels like it’s pushing down around you, cling to the hope of your dreams. Fix things when you can and change your tactics when you need to, but keep hope.

You’re given but one life. A life to be lived with purpose, intention and trueness in your identity.

Today you may only feel a small spark of what you once felt as a huge fire of passion! ? Give that spark oxygen. Give it life! Fan it to greatness! Don’t let the world and the sins of your past put any fire out that resides in you. When you do, you stop living. And when you stop living, you cease to bring amazingness to the world and those around you.

If you still have breath in your lungs then you still have a spark to be tended to. Go fan it into greatness and LIVE YOUR DREAMS!! Life is to short to do anything else❣️

What do you think?