Girl On Fire

I wear this today…not because I feel it…but because I need to believe it! It would be easy to let the depression slip it’s fingers around me and take hold. It’s one of those days…actually it’s been one of those years. I want to stay to myself and not do anything or go anywhere. This girl doesn’t feel “on fire” right now.

I completely worn down.  Some are mistakes of my own that I am accepting.  Other are mistakes that I hold on to because it was complete truth to me at the time.  The accepting and moving past is hard.  The acceptance of the mistakes I’ve made is sometimes hard.

I’m learning to be me and listen to my inner voice while still accepting the truths and facts that surround me even if they hurt me.  I am the leader of my life and sometimes that is hard to do.  I make mistakes and I tend to upset those closest to me.  Fighting for what you believe is hard.  It’s so much easier to succumb to what’s easier even if it doesn’t feel right to your soul.

Today I’m struggling.  And I probably will tomorrow too.

So I wear this to ignite it in my soul and push away the demons that haunt me. The ones that haunt you. The loneliness…the bitterness…the anger…the hurt…the pain… I’m choosing for today to let Him light a fire in my soul. The one who offers sufficient grace for me. The one who lets me fall sometimes to see my weakness and see where he is leading me and constantly lifts me up to be stronger. The ONLY one who can save me in this world.

Today it’s not about selfishness although that’s what worldly people see…it’s about putting my best foot forward and lighting a fire in my soul! Only when you have your own fire can you light it in others. That fire can grow and shine brighter than you ever imagined!

So today if you feel like the problems of the world are weighing you down, chose to light your fire!! Don’t let the sins and pains of the world put it out!! Oh God how I need you! I will rise to you when temptations come my way. When I can not stand anymore, I will fall on you!!

What do you think?