Gumball Ornament

Creating ornaments is a tradition for many families every year and this easy gumball ornament is going to be one that you that everyone enjoys!

Whether you’re a family that has an annual get together creating ornaments or you’re the leader of a children’s group, you’re going to definitely want to add these easy Gumball Ornaments on your to-do list. I don’t care how hold you are, gumball machines bring a smile to your face. There is something nostalgic about them that makes everyone love them.

Here’s what you need to make your own holiday Gumball Ornament:

  • Mini red solo cup
  • Clear plastic ball ornament
  • Mini pom poms
  • Black felt sharpie marker
  • Hot glue gun
  • Bakers twine

Seriously, check out the cuteness!

Now let’s check out the easy steps to creating some for yourself.

To start, fill the clear plastic ornament with 12-20 mini pom poms and reattach the top.

Next, draw a door on the bottom of the cup with a black sharpie with a simple curved top.

Using hot glue gun, glue the ornament to the top of the cup to secure it. If you’re confused as to what kind of hot glue and glue gun to use, make sure you check out this article with download I created for you!

Take a strip of baker’s twine and attach to the top for hanging.

Other ideas:

  • Personalized the cups
  • Add some glitter to dress it up some
  • Spray paint the cup to match your Christmas decorations

What do you think? Try this out with your family or children’s church group and share pics with me! I’d love to see the smiling faces and creations.

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What do you think?