Get Back To You and Reconnect With Your Purpose

Sometimes along our path we lose our way and we need to take some time to reconnect with your purpose.

Life gets messy.
Life gets busy.
Kids require a lot of time.
Marriage requires a lot of attention.

As a mom we fulfill our first purpose – family.

All of that ok.

But, sometimes we begin to lose sight of our purpose outside the four walls of our home.
Even when are called to teach and show love to those inside those walls, we also have a purpose to do the same outside those walls.

Your love and purpose to the outside world can show in many, yet very unique and individual ways.

Today I was reminded.

I was reminded that people outside of my four walls appreciate me.
They appreciate the talent that I have.
They appreciate the fun that I bring.
They appreciate the humbling honesty that I share.

Thank you!

Thank you for reminding me of what it means to actually be a women who leads a family, but also a woman who can lead others outside my home.

People are going to tell you to stop.
People who love you are going to say “grow up”.
People are going to push you down.

Find the people who encourage you.
The ones who life you up – you know who they are!
Find the people who see your heart and soul and believe that it needs to be shared with the world.
Find the people who make you smile.

Get back to what makes you happy.
Get back to what brings you joy.
Get back to what brings you peace.

Get back to what brings you home – the home that is in your satisfied heart.

After a LONG season of chaotic schedules and personal struggles, it’s feels so good to be in the space where I can create.

To create for you while also selfishly creating for me .
Because in all of my selfish creations I am able to bring you my best and my fullest!

Find that girl today.

Maybe you lost her and need to call her back home.
Maybe you’ve never known who that girl is and need to create that relationship.

Wherever you are – create your space of joy and fullness.
Protect it when the world swirls around you!

And if you need some help – hold my hand and I’ll walk with you ❤️


What do you think?