Top 10 Valentine’s DIY’s

Valentine’s Day seems to be the forgotten holiday by many and I’m here to change that. Here are my top 10 Valentine’s DIY’S from a few of my favorite bloggers.

It’s no secret that I am a HUGE fan of Valentine’s Day. I think it’s a holiday that we should actively try to celebrate every day of the year!

Because of that, I am on a mission to help everyone else truly enjoy this holiday for what it is.

Sharing the love with we have with those relationships that are closest to us. I’m not just talking about your significant other. I’m talking about your friends, your school nurse, your community online, or your mailman. We’re all just trying to do our best in this world and so why not share with those you love and those who make your life easier just what they mean to you.

I’ve got some pretty amazing blogging friends that I’ve met through the years and so I thought it would be fun to showcase some of their talent in the DIY field.

Here are my Top 10 Valentine’s DIY’s, in no particular order.

Valentine’s Ornaments – grab those ornaments from Christmas that you never got around to creating with and create some of these adorable ornaments. You don’t have to still have your tree up – these will be cute just in your decor accenting your mantle or entryway.

If you saw my Valentine’s Topiary then you know I’ve been working with felt and this Valentine Heart Pom Pom with Garlands will be the perfect addition to my Topiary!

Last year I made some Faux Cupcakes so when I saw these Faux Desserts, I knew they needed to be in my roundup! These are just adorable! And they’re FREE calories!

Gnomes are ALL the rage right now and so I knew those had to be in my top 10. Check out these easy Valentine’s Gnomes made out of felt!

You didn’t think I was just going to stop at one gnome tutorial did you? Check out these Valentine’s Gnomes made out of a toilet paper tube!! Genius AND adorable!

Love notes are what Valentine’s Day was started on! I’ve created some wooden love notes but these Fabric Envelopes are just precious! I would LOVE to get one of these. I am definitely adding these to my to-do list!

I met Jennifer one year at a blogging conference and she has no shortage of creativity! These Valentine’s Day Countdown Candy Jars are pure perfection! And she’s got the most adorable kids. You definitely need to check her out!

Notes and mailboxes go hand in hand when it comes to Valentine’s Day and so you’re going to want to make sure that you add some of these Valentine’s Mailboxes to your list of things to create for the holiday! You’re never going to guess what they’re made of!

This Valentine’s DIY is not only perfect for the holiday but also to remember little hands. Make some of these Thumbprint Heart Glass Magnets with your kids or grandkids and you will enjoy them for years to come.

I LOVE making anything with glitter and so this Valentine’s Day Slime was definitely going to make the list. I know for many it is a texture thing, but how could you not live this!

I’d love to know!

Which one of these is your favorite and which one are you going to try! There are so many amazing ideas to create some of your own Valentine’s DIY’s so I hope this list spurs some creativity for you!


What do you think?