Clarity in Reflection

If you have been around for any period of time, you know that I am a person who spends a lot of time reflecting. Reflecting is what helps us have clarity when we have a cloud of fog around us. And let’s face it, we have that cloud around a lot in today’s world.

Running a business, being a mom and a wife, trying to be a good friend, and all the other duties that life calls of me, it is hard sometimes to sit and reflect. Then there are days we may “try” to sit and reflect and we come up with nothing…..

When I am needing some help reflecting and connecting back with my soul, I like to listen to music, podcasts and books.

Let me back up and clarify something before I get criticized. Yes, I do connect with the Lord and pray, but that is a continual daily thing that never seems to stop for me. I’m talking now about other things that also bring you to those times of self-reflection and awareness.

I have several favorite authors and podcasts that I can share at a later date, but I wanted to mention one that has been speaking to me recently.

It is called The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman. I highly encourage you to check it out. Not only is her voice soothing to listen to but she seems to be speaking directly to me on each and every episode. I tend to binge listen to her.

Today, I wanted to share with you an episode that I think we could all listen to. It is Episode 16 and it is called Walk Slow and Carry Questions. At the end of the episode, Emily goes over some questions that we should ask ourselves when we are still and needing to reconnect and gain clarity.

  • What is the day, the month, the year? Name it and be where you are.
  • What do you see and hear around you?
  • What do you see and hear within you?
  • What is something you long for today?
  • Is there a person who continues to come to your mind?
  • Why do you think that is?
  • In this moment, what is the truest thing about you?
  • Is there something my Father wants me to know today?
  • What issue has me tied up in knots that I could ask Jesus to untangle?
  • What is the next right step I can take today in His name and by the power of the Holy Spirit?

Here is a simple prayer for those times:

Oh God, gather me now to be with you as you are with me even as I may be busy on the outside, don’t let hurry overwhelm me on the inside. Remind me to move at a walking pace. Let your peace rule within me. Quiet me in the midst of the chaos. In your name…

It is my intention to print this list out and have is handy for those times when I just don’t feel right and can’t put my finger on why. I encourage you to do the same.

I encourage you to head over and check out her blog, books and podcast HERE!


  • Jo Travis

    Ms. Beth, I have been “trolling” you for about 6 weeks, as you teach and create. I’m a retired teacher and love to craft myself. I have fallen in love with you and your creations; and a few days ago, I took the step to join up for the subscription kits. I KNOW I won’t regret it!

    You are very talented and well-spoken; but the thing that pleases me the most is your talk about your faith. I too am a Christian; and I try to walk daily with the Father. Sometimes it’s quite hard, as you know.

    But when I watch you; and now see this podcast about “doing the next right thing”, I am truly blessed and encouraged.

    Thank you for being you; and I thank the Father for bringing you into my life and heart. May He bless you and your business more and more every day!

    Jo Travis

  • Lois Baxter

    What Jo Travis wrote was amazing! I have a lot in common with her, because everything she said was true for me as well, minus 1 item! I too have been watching your posts for several weeks and I’m a Christian and a retired teacher who now lives in Kentucky, who loves to craft. You inspire me in many ways, and I love you for your talent, your willingness to share, and for your sweet spirit. The only thing different is that I was not able to sign up for the kits. Keep doing what you’re doing. Thank you so much. If there’s a way for me to connect with Jo, I’d love that too!
    Lois Baxter

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