Clarity in Reflection

  1. Jo Travis says:

    Ms. Beth, I have been “trolling” you for about 6 weeks, as you teach and create. I’m a retired teacher and love to craft myself. I have fallen in love with you and your creations; and a few days ago, I took the step to join up for the subscription kits. I KNOW I won’t regret it!

    You are very talented and well-spoken; but the thing that pleases me the most is your talk about your faith. I too am a Christian; and I try to walk daily with the Father. Sometimes it’s quite hard, as you know.

    But when I watch you; and now see this podcast about “doing the next right thing”, I am truly blessed and encouraged.

    Thank you for being you; and I thank the Father for bringing you into my life and heart. May He bless you and your business more and more every day!

    Jo Travis

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words ❤️❤️ I appreciate you!

  2. Dawn R Stagg says:

    Loved it! ❤ it touches my heart today.

  3. Lois Baxter says:

    What Jo Travis wrote was amazing! I have a lot in common with her, because everything she said was true for me as well, minus 1 item! I too have been watching your posts for several weeks and I’m a Christian and a retired teacher who now lives in Kentucky, who loves to craft. You inspire me in many ways, and I love you for your talent, your willingness to share, and for your sweet spirit. The only thing different is that I was not able to sign up for the kits. Keep doing what you’re doing. Thank you so much. If there’s a way for me to connect with Jo, I’d love that too!
    Lois Baxter

    • admin says:

      You too are very kind ❤️ I am definitely going to keep doing what I’m doing ❤️

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