Dollar Tree Farmhouse Ladder

Want a mini Farmhouse Ladder to decorate? Grab a few supplies from Dollar Tree and create one of your own!

I love mini ladders and although I have the tools that I can make my own, I know it isn’t always feasible for you to. I know that many of you don’t have access to anything other than basic crafting tools.

This mini Farmhouse Ladder is going to be adorable in y our kitchen accented with some seasonal hand towels and wooden beaded garland.

Here’s what you need to make your own Dollar Tree Farmhouse Ladder:

Start by painting the rectangle signs, and 3 wood planks

Make sure all the wood pieces are completely dry, as the glue will not stick to them if they are not

Add dabs of the E6000 glue and the dabs of hot glue in between those. The hot glue will help adhere faster and the E6000 will help it be studier 

Start with placing one of the wooden pieces in the middle first. I laid the pieces on the table and then added the middle wooden plank. I then added the bottom and top planks 

Allow for the ladder to dry overnight. The longer you can let it dry the better. I left mine alone for 24 hours 

This is seriously going to be the easiest DIY project that is going to be versatile year round! Make one for the kitchen and the bathroom!

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