Big Doors Swing On Small Hinges

Sometimes we all need a reminder that sometimes the little things matter most. It takes a small hinge to open a big door!

A huge cathedral door opens and closes on a few small hinges.  Doors are big and heavy and can be made with wood, metal or glass.  It’s the small hinges that power the movement of the heavy doors.  Without the hinges, some of these monstrous doors would be almost impossible to move.

The same goes with our life – the small, consistent daily actions are what makes the most impact.  Without consistent, daily actions, diets don’t work and success doesn’t come.  

Think about the little things that you do on a daily basis with your family.

Now think about the big things that you do once a year or once every few year (vacations).

Without the smaller practices of teaching your kids patience, grace, and honesty, the bigger things will fall apart and an enjoyable family trip can turn into a nightmare!  Big things are manifested through small actions.

The hinges in your life can be in the form of relationships or activities.  Relationships that grow you or activities that are steps needed to achieve a goal.

Maybe you have a door in your life in which the hinges need to be oiled or replaced.  Maybe it isn’t quite working the way it used to or maybe you had the wrong hinges in place and it never did work and you are just beginning to realize that.

I want you to start with the small things today – the things that are in your power to change.

Questions to journal:

  1. Define what the faulty door it?  Is this a relationship that is failing or a way in which you are raising your children that doesn’t seem to be working?
  2. Name one small thing that you can change this week and work at consistently that will help oil that hinge.  It may be as simple as drinking water more during the day.  Or maybe, it’s making a point to greet your spouse or kids when they walk through the door welcoming them home, versus continuing to cook dinner because you have somewhere to be in an hour.

Start small – because remember, the small things lead to greater things.

Do you have a door in your life that needs a little bit of oiling or attention? Or do you have a door that you need to replace the hinges all together?


  • Tina

    Such a great reminder. For too long I have been slackful about some things. I need to oil that hinge. thanks for the reminder Beth.

  • Linda

    Thx Beth. Wow what a reminder in a good 😊 way. I can hear you speaking as I read. Soft and tender and more sturdy at times. I needed both. Reminding is good for me. Whether big or small. Yes I will start small and go to bigger later. It’s all about the journey. Good to write ✍🏻 about it to he our journey. Lets us know we have come far. But still need to keep working on hinges. Thx again.

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