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5 Must Have’s For Every Mantle or Tablescape!

Take your decorating to the next level with these 5 MUST HAVE items to include into every mantle or tablescape! Check them out here…

Decorating can bring on a sense of anxiety for some, while for others it brings a sense of comfort and happiness! It is my passion to share with EVERYONE tips and tricks to take the stress out of decorating! No matter which decorating category you fall into, these tips will take your decorating to the next level!

5 Must Have’s For Every Mantle or Tablescape:

  • Statement piece
  • Height
  • Greenery
  • Accent pieces
  • Light

Every month, I get to share crafts and DIY’s with my local peeps on one of our local TV stations! I love being able to use this platform to reach other women who are doing their best to be a wife, mom and friend! Being able to share cheap an affordable ways to decorate your home is one of my passions! You’re not going to come into my home and find high-dollar items. I know that you can decorate on a budget and create the same high-dollar looks!

With the holidays approaching, I thought it was the perfect time to go over the staples that should be included in every tablescape or mantle! They are really easy to remember and cheap to do.

Statement Piece

The first piece that you need to bring to the display is a statement piece. This is typically a large piece that is centered on the table or mantle. It’s the piece that all of the other elements get added too. For this simple display, I placed a rustic wooden lantern onto a pedestal tray.


In my display, I placed my statement piece above everything else to create some height. Other ways to add height would be to add tall candlesticks or taller decorative pieces. For example, in the winter on my mantle, I have a picture that is a statement piece, but then I add height with Christmas trees around it.

Just remember that if you are using this as a table centerpiece, you don’t want your pieces too tall that you can’t converse with the people across from you.


This is an important element because it brings a little bit of the outdoors inside. It creates some “life” to your display. Please know that greenery does not have to be in “real” plants though. Silk and paper greenery is just as amazing, and in my mind better!

Accent Pieces

Around every holiday, you can find “sprigs” of accent pieces. For this display, I got some Dollar Store ones that had pinecones, pumkins, and gourds. Anything that adds small accents is what you are looking for. Other ideas include feathers, berries, spiders (for Halloween), ribbon, etc.


Last but not least, let there be light! To me this is the most crucial step because I feel like it just pulls everything together. In this display, I got little fairy lights that are battery operated and nestled them into the greenery and accent pieces, as well as the tealights that I placed on each place setting.

Lighting ideas include candles, battery-operated lights, and mirrors! Why mirrors? If they are display correctly, they reflect and bounce off light from above.

And of course, if you can find glitter candles, like I did, that’s an added bonus! Because EVERYTHING is better with glitter 😉

That’s it!

If you stick with these FIVE elements when planning your holiday tablescape or mantle, you’ll be winning every time. This really is a no-fail technique.

Make it yours and you’ll be happy!

Can you do me a favor and share this with all of your friends and PIN it to your Pinterest boards! You’re going to want to keep this handy so you can always refer to it.

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