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4 Ways to Thrive in Business During a Pandemic

Stay afloat in business during a pandemic can be scary! Here are 4 ways that small businesses can thrive during uncertain times!

As I watch my social media feed I am watching people make decisions in a frenzy about the current Coronavirus! Yes, it is a scary time and one that leaves people confused and not sure what tomorrow is going to bring. The pandemic is going to have an impact on our economy and no one is going to be immune to the effects in the aftermath.

While I am not here to impart my opinion on the current state of the economy and people’s actions, I am here to share 4 ways I am going to thrive as a business owner and how you can too if you are a small business owner!

4 ways for your business to thrive during a pandemic:

STAY CONSISTENT IN YOUR OFFERINGS – depending on your field, you need to try to remain as consistent as you can with your products and services. The less interruption to your offerings the better. Unless you are being affected by supplies coming from another country, do what you can to minimize the impact on your clients! This is great for me because ALL of the supplies that I source for my products are all from the US. I don’t rely on any shipments from overseas. If you do, try to research local suppliers that may be able to help you meet the demand of what you offer.

START A SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE – In recent years, subscription boxes to homes have been on the rise. NOW is the time to implement one! No matter your business you can offer a subscription box – sometimes you just have to think outside the box! Subscription boxes run the gamut from fashion, beauty, and entertainment TO lifestyle, pets, and health! Brainstorm and get to working on marketing and promoting a subscription box of your own!

MAINTAIN A HIGH LEVEL OF CUSTOMER SERVICE– No matter if you are able to keep up with demand and thrive or if you are struggling due to the pandemic, you must keep your customer service at 100%. With positive or negative news, your clients need to know that you are someone they can trust. This builds the like, know and trust factor that is crucial to client relationships.

GO LIVE AND BE VULNERABLE – share with your followers on social media what you are doing in your business to still be their go-to person for what they are needing! Emphasize how this is NOT going to affect your products and services. This is the BEST time to implement LIVE video if you have been hesitant. 90% of the world is on social media following what everyone is sharing right now so you want to make sure that you’re in the mix! Just make sure that what you are sharing is staying true to yourself and your brand and something that is going to meet the needs and wants of your clients. Maybe you are the laughter they need in a chaos filled world. Whatever your clients like and know from you – share it!

BONUS – ask your clients what they need from you as a business? If you religious? Offer prayers for those that have been affected and need your support in that way. Is your local school shutdown? Offer to make some PBJ sandwiches for the kids that rely on school meals to get them through the day. Contact your local school counselor or principal and they can direct you to the best path to follow for this. You’d be surprised that most often when you ask, that builds rapport and trust that they can come to you if the need for anything arises.

I want you to know that YOU CAN thrive as a small business owner in an economy that is faced with a pandemic and chaos.

Cheers to continuing to make 2020 a year of success despite the hard times that we may experience! We must continue to work towards our mission of providing a great service or product to the people that trust us.

4 ways to thrive in business

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