Dollar Store Tiered Tray DIY with Video

This tiered tray DIY is cheap and easy with just a few supplies from The Dollar Tree! Follow along with the video to make your own!

I am sure that you know by now that The Dollar Tree is FULL of crafty goodness that is just waiting to be snagged and created into new and amazing home decor pieces!

I came across a few items that I thought would be perfect for a Tiered Tray that you can make for everyday use! I created this Tiered Tray DIY as part of a week long series to get us through the quarantine that the Corona Virus created. It’s a crazy world we live in, but that’s a story for another day.

All week long, I shared DIY’s of this Tiered Tray, as well as other pieces to create and display on your DIY Tiered Tray at the end of the week! If you follow along all week long with the videos, you will have a completed vignette when it’s all said and done.

I don’t know about you but I like to have a purpose when I’m creating and sharing this series is perfect for that need!

Here is what you’re going to need to create your own Tiered Tray DIY:

Buy Your Crafting Supplies Now at The Dollar Tree!

UPDATE – DO NOT use the red, purple or pink Mardi gras beads to do this project. The color bleeds too much and shows through the white no matter how many coats you use. I would stick with the gold, blue and green colors. If you are using the colors that bleed, I would just recommend that you use a primer, such as Kilz, that prevents bleeding.

Here’s the video that shows you how to create your own! And can I just say, can we just encourage Facebook to chose some more flattering shots of us 😉

I’d love to know if you created one! The Tiered Trays are versatile and an awesome piece to use in home decor.

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