36 Self Care Ideas

It can hard to implement self-care into our daily lives so I’m giving you 36 self-care ideas to implement today!

We all know how important self-care is; we don’t need to know about that. We are constantly reminded that “you cannot fill from an empty cup!”

Just the thought of planning a self-care task seems overwhelming, which is why you probably put it off more times than you should. 

These ideas are meant to be short since most women cannot take an entire day off for self-care (even though that is what we all really need!). Choose something from this list, and feel your stress slowly ease away.

36 Self-Care Ideas

1. Read a Book – If you are an avid reader, take a couple of minutes to read a book! Whether it is a timeless classic you’ve read eight times already or a new one, just stop your busy day to read a chapter or two.

2. Take a Nature Walk – nature is grounding.  Take a walk, whether that is around your house, street, or to an actual park. Deep breathe and take in the beautiful world we live in.

3. Watch the Sunset or Sunrise – there is just something about sunsets or sunrises that relaxes your entire body. If you rise early, go catch the sunrise, even if it is from your window. Or, if you prefer, watch the sunset on your day and release the worries and stressors from your day.

4. Enjoy a Cup of Tea on Your Own – instead of having your tea always cold, take that five minutes to enjoy a hot cup of tea all by yourself. Your day will automatically be better!

5. Take a Bubble Bath – we all know how relaxing bubble baths are. Find a lovely scented bath bomb to add to your self-care routine that day!

6. Journal for 10 Minutes Straight – if you feel mentally bloated or like your head is going to explode, you need to do a massive brain dump. When I cannot focus on anything and feel extremely stressed but can’t seem to get anything done, I know I need to just write all my thoughts, feelings, and emotions down on paper.

7. Wash Your Face and Do a Skincare Routine  – take that extra couple of minutes to do a full-face skincare routine for my self-care some days. Exfoliate, do a face mask, and put on some face serum or moisturizer. You will feel like a whole new woman!

8. Dance to Your Favorite Song – Dance your heart out to your favorite song. Make sure you get moving fully. Moving around helps release the tension from all your stress and will boost your mood.

9. Find a 10 Minute Yoga Video on YouTube To Do – if you are into yoga, find a new routine to try out for the day. Something as little as 5-10 minutes could make a huge difference in your day.

10. Find a Guided Meditation You Really Enjoy – We should ALL be doing a few guided meditations weekly. My favorite one is just five minutes and totally doable. You will feel refreshed and will be able to let go of your worries and stress easily.

11. Call Your Best Friend or Mom and Just Talk – Sometimes all we need is to let everything out in a big rant. Call up your mom or best friend and just talk away. You will feel so relieved afterward!

12. Declutter a Room in Your House – it is hard to focus or get anything done when we have too much clutter in our minds and living spaces. So, take that time to declutter a place you have wanted to for a long time.

13. Get a Coloring Book and Just Color – set a timer for 10-15 minutes and just color. This is one you can even do with your kids and grandkids around as they love to color with you! Coloring is a form of art therapy that helps you release your emotions on paper.

14. Do a Random Act of Service – when you serve someone, you feel lighter. So, go do a random act of kindness around your neighborhood or to someone you know!

15. Buy Yourself a New Outfit or Pair of Shoes – we all need to splurge every now and then. Whether you shop online or at a physical store, go buy something you really love; you deserve it.

16. Go for a Run – if you love working out, go for a run! All the adrenaline from running helps relieve you and gives you more energy than just sitting down and relaxing.

17. Buy a Plant to Take Care Of, or Plant a Garden – many find that taking care of plants or gardening is therapeutic. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a try! Something as simple as a succulent can help you have a new thing to do to change your routine during your day.

18. Get a Manicure or Pedicure – splurge and get a mani or pedi. You can also do your own at home if you prefer. When you look good, you will feel good too! 19. Relax Outside in the Sun 

19. Sit in the Sun – pretend you are at the beach and just relax out in the sun. Feel the warmth that comes from the sun. Envision the sun embracing you in a nice warm hug.

20. Go for a Swim – swimming helps relieve your physical pain, as well as your mental tension. Enjoy being in the water and just relax.

21. Visit a Place You’ve Always Wanted to Go But Never Had the Time – this could be a new coffee shop, boutique, museum, etc. Find a place that intrigues and excites you and go without any kids so you can fully enjoy your time there!

22. Take a Nap – if you can and feel up to it, take that nap. You deserve it. Snuggle up to your pillows and blankets and deep breathe until you fall asleep.

23. Eat Some Food You’ve Been Craving – we all have cravings all day long. Even if it is not healthy at all, go get your cravings. Close your eyes as you take your bites and taste every bite to the fullest. Use all your senses as you eat your food.

24. Talk to an Empowerment Coach – most coaches will have a free consultation. If you need to be inspired, contact an empowerment coach! They will do wonders for you. You might even feel like a new person afterward.

25. Create Affirmations for Your Life – write down some affirmations, or print some out. Stick them around your house and practice saying them to yourself in the mirror. Slowly over time, you will believe these affirmations, and they will change your life!

26. Write Down and Plan Your Dreams for Life – like the positive affirmations mentioned above, writing down your plans and your dreams will help you visualize them and make them happen. Everyone always gets pumped when they visualize and start planning out their dreams and ambitions in life.

27. Snuggle a Baby for a Bit – This might not be the best option if you are a new mom or a mom with multiple kids needing a break. This always feels a little bit like heaven on earth.

28. Find a New Random Hobby – randomly pick a hobby you are interested in and try it out! Whether that is painting, ax throwing, tennis, or snowboarding, try it out! Even if you don’t like it, you will gain confidence that you tried something new.

29. Take Yourself Out on a Date – treat yourself to a nice date you would typically go on with someone else. Taking that alone time and treating yourself is worth it.

30. Binge Watch Your Favorite Non-Kid Show – watch that scary movie that gets your heart pumping, the hilarious tv show you miss, or a cheesy romantic comedy and just relax with popcorn and chocolate.

31. Do a Gratitude Journal – when we are more grateful, we are naturally happier. Find things each day you are grateful for and write them down in your journal. Try to find new things each day to have no repeats!

32. Talk to a Therapist – if you have been feeling down for quite some time, try reaching out to a therapist. They are there to validate you and teach you ways to handle your emotions.

33. Do a Fun Craft You Saw on Pinterest or On This Page – crafting brings out the best in you. Find a craft you think is so cute and carry it out! Even if it doesn’t turn out exactly as you wanted, take pride in what you created!

34. Shave Your Legs and Do a Complete Body Lotion – shaving and lotioning up is not only relaxing but super beneficial for your body! Take those extra few minutes to make it a complete routine. Enjoy the smell and feel of the lotion and super soft skin!

35. Get a Massage – we all need massages every now and then. If you cannot go to get a massage, at least bring out your massage gun and loosen out your neck and back. If you can, have your spouse give you a massage too!

36. Take a Drive by Yourself – driving can be so relaxing, especially if no one else is in the car with you! Don’t plan where you are headed. Simply drive and make random turns until you find someplace cool or need to head back home. 

Hopefully, some of these self-care ideas resonate with you and help you see where you can find the time to do something for yourself. Next time you have a pocket of time here and there, bring out this list and practice self-care. You got this friend!

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