• Crafts,  Woodworking

    Quick and Easy Stenciled Chair Makeover

    Taking an old and worn out piece of furniture and transforming it into a new and pretty piece makes my heart flutter! This Stenciled Chair Makeover does just that!  The fact that this piece has a unicorn AND glitter makes my…

  • DIY Festival Serving Station Header
    Crafts,  Woodworking

    DIY Festival Serving Station

    When I got selected for the Festival Challenge through the Creators Studio with Rust-Oleum, I couldn’t wait to get to creating this DIY Festival Serving Station!! My husband helped me bring this DIY Festival Serving Station to life and so…

  • DIY Window Jewelry Holder
    Crafts,  Woodworking

    DIY Window Jewelry Holder

    Most DIY projects take something old and turn it into something new!  Decorating with windows is all the rage right now!  Where once there was a limitless supply of windows, there is now a shortage of sturdy old ones that…

  • Crafts,  Woodworking

    Scrap Wood Photo Frames

    Scrap wood photo frames are so easy!  If you’ve got scrap wood (most people do) then you can make a frame in just MINUTES in nearly any size!  As a creator who does a lot of woodworking, I have a…