Your One Little Word and How to Apply It To Life

In 2006 Ali Edwards championed the One Little Word! Since that time, many people have been using one work to help guide them into the new year and beyond. This SIMPLE concept is one that has taken hold and has helped so many see concrete results when trying to change their life!

Do you make resolutions or let one word be your guide as you travel through your year? Personally, I started the “One Little Word” a few years ago and I have to say that it has stuck with me far better than any resolution! Check out THIS POST from 2017 when my word was “COURAGE”. It’s a testament to the power that one word can have!

This year my One Little Word is DISCIPLINE! This is the one word that I will let guide me in ALL areas of my life. I’m going to share with you HOW I am going to use mine in hopes that it will help you find your own word.

Here are some tips to deciding what your word of the year it and how you can apply it!

  • Understand that there are SIX (6) areas that our life circles around. They are HEALTH, WORK, FINANCES, LOVE LIFE, FRIENDSHIPS, and SELF-WORTH! If any one of these is out of sync, you’re going to feel it in other areas. If you follow me on social media, I’ve been talking about each of these in detail. You can download this FREE guide that will help you figure out where you are in these areas so that you can plan for change and growth in this coming year.
  • Your word can be a noun, verb, or adjective! Don’t get caught up in the grammer of it. It only needs to make sense to you. If you worry about it making sense to someone else, it won’t work for you. Some years may require an action word since it will be a year of growth. Some years you may pick a softer word because you need a year of rest and rejuvenation.
  • Write down your word and place it in a spot where you will see it everyday! It will soon become concrete in your brain and it will be the first word you think of when making choices and decisions in your life.
  • Find 12 quotes that focus on your word. Write them down or print them out and focus on ONE per month. This will keep you focused as you go through your year. If you are also needing the word “discipline” in your life, here are some quotes to get you started!

So how am I applying my word to these areas?

HEALTH/BODY – I have been blessed with good genes but I am going to be more disciplined on the things that I put into my body and treat it like the blessing that it is. This is going hand in hand with just getting older and starting to feel it 😉

WORK (This can also be business and school depending on where you’re at in your life) – I am going to be more disciplined in the things I want to do in my business. This is hard when you are a creative since you tend to bounce from one thing to another. But being more disciplined is what is needed to see the growth that I am envisioning.

FINANCES – I have grown in this area tremendously in the last couple years and I am going to continue that discipline so we can continue to grow our nest egg.

LOVE LIFE – Relationships are HARD! This past year was a year of growth in which I have seen my marriage grow despite things that could have caused is to fail. It took work from both parties but it is proving to be so worth it. With that being said, I am going to continue to be disciplined in this area, even on the hard days.

FRIENDSHIPS – Friendships can grow and fade with the passing years. I have been blessed with some amazing friendships that I would like to keep and grow and that can only happen through my discipline of making time for them.

SELF-WORTH – this is a HUGE one for me!! The last few years have been years of deep internal growth in my self-worth. I will continue to be disciplined in taking care of “self”. Just because I have seen growth, doesn’t mean I will stop making it a priority.

Join the conversation!

What One Little Word is speaking to you? Or do you have one already picked out for the year? It doesn’t matter if you are reading this in January, June or December, you can begin to live with ONE LITTLE WORD at any point in time. There is no better time than NOW to begin the positive changes that you want to see in your life.

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  • Diane Scotch

    Beth, today I woke and didn’t feel different than any other ‘same ole, same ole, days. But as I made my bed, cleaned myself up and got dressed, little did I know I was changing, not physically, but mentally. I sat with a cup of coffee starting to read my emails. I was ‘directed’ to you, once again. I was rereading your purging calendar. Then I kept reading further which lead me to ‘the word for the year’… all which I’ve read before. I thought of words, but none seemed to hit my heart and mind. I wasn’t thinking in the right direction! I wasn’t truly thinking of ME. Why would I? I was the mom and wife almost my entire life. My kids are grown and my husband passed away January 24, 2021. Yes I took care of them first and before I knew it, they were concerned about taking care of ME. There’s that word again! Instead of thinking that word ‘ME’ was conceited, self absorbing, I thought that I’ve gone almost full circle in life and ME has to be in the top three: God, ME and family. I started crafts with you, always wanted to, but I was busy being ME in a different mindset! Today, I have chosen (for the right reasons) the word for the year is ME.

What do you think?