Your One Little Word and How to Apply It To Life

  1. Diane Scotch says:

    Beth, today I woke and didn’t feel different than any other ‘same ole, same ole, days. But as I made my bed, cleaned myself up and got dressed, little did I know I was changing, not physically, but mentally. I sat with a cup of coffee starting to read my emails. I was ‘directed’ to you, once again. I was rereading your purging calendar. Then I kept reading further which lead me to ‘the word for the year’… all which I’ve read before. I thought of words, but none seemed to hit my heart and mind. I wasn’t thinking in the right direction! I wasn’t truly thinking of ME. Why would I? I was the mom and wife almost my entire life. My kids are grown and my husband passed away January 24, 2021. Yes I took care of them first and before I knew it, they were concerned about taking care of ME. There’s that word again! Instead of thinking that word ‘ME’ was conceited, self absorbing, I thought that I’ve gone almost full circle in life and ME has to be in the top three: God, ME and family. I started crafts with you, always wanted to, but I was busy being ME in a different mindset! Today, I have chosen (for the right reasons) the word for the year is ME.

  2. Michele Ginn says:


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