YOU Don’t Become Un-useable

  1. Diane Scotch says:

    Since I’m on the older end of the scale,
    With more aches and pains before I even begin to work hard. With every ache lately starts a series of surgery replacements. I believe I will be physically better as my body becomes ‘bionic’! I know my old, dirty, not too tattered apron will get some pretty daisy patches sewn on and I will only miss a couple beats. I AM USEABLE❣️🪅🎊❣️

  2. Linda Williams says:

    I am getting ready to turn 70 in February of 2023. This year has been my most challenging yet I do believe. I have Parethesia as of April – May this year. Wow 😮!! What an awakening!!
    My life changed from daylight to darkness. I was in total shock. Well rest of my life or not, it’s for a reason. I am determined that this not get the best of me. I have a God that is faithful in everything. Him and I have stayed very close during this new experience of my medical, mental and spiritual challenge this year. He has been my best instructor. An apron kinda reminds me to yes put it on and protect myself some wear and tear. I am worth that new apron for this chapter of my life to protect me from scars, darts and colors that may splash and stain this chapter o my life. I put my apron and life’s armor Jesus on and still challenge myself to be useful. I feel useful. Thing’s like Beth’s Blog is something that has helped me this year. Beth is honest and gets to my heart 💜. Ty Beth 🥰.

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