You Are Enough!

This is a phrase we simply don’t hear enough of.  “YOU ARE ENOUGH!”  And what’s worse is that we hear it more than we believe it.  That means that most people believe that they truly aren’t enough!  BE DONE with that!!  You are enough, RIGHT where you are, RIGHT now!

I wore this shirt the other day with the intention of doing a blog about it and then became inspired again that night when I was cooking dinner.

You see, I collect aprons.  I own several…but…there are only about three that I wear on a daily basis.  Why?  Because I don’t want to get them dirty or make them to where they are someday un-useable.  I bought them because they were so cute but they’re not serving their purpose.  They’re sitting collecting dust.

Just like our spirits!!  Your spirit is collecting dust if you are not on fire believing that YOU ARE ENOUGH!!  If you don’t believe those three simple words you won’t go out into the world on fire believing that you have something to offer anyone that you meet!  YOU DO!!!  Let that sink in.  We all have something to offer no matter where we are on our path, because we are enough.  God created you just as you are right now.

So how to you believe that you are enough in the times of struggle?  Being in my business of creating for people I come across a lot of people that open their heart to me.  I used to take heed to what they were telling me, but now I know that I am meeting these people not only to create for them, but to pray for them and encourage them and support them in their struggles.  Two people that I have talked to this past week have received some pretty devastating news health-wise.  News that would shake me to my core.  News that would send me into a downward spiral of depression again.  And I hope that if that were to ever happen, SOMEONE else would believe they are enough to encourage me when I feel like I’m not.  It’s easy to be beaten down and feel like you truly aren’t enough.

You are placed where you are RIGHT now for a RIGHT reason!  Maybe you’re fighting depression or an addiction.  Maybe you have learned that you need to fight the battle and beat cancer’s ass!  Maybe you have lost the one person in your life that you didn’t think you could live without.  Maybe you lost your job and don’t know how you are going to afford feeding your family of 5 let alone keeping the kids in sports that they love.  Those are all hard times!!  But even in those times, YOU ARE ENOUGH!  There may be a child looking up to you in your time of struggle to see how you are dealing and accepting the blows that have been given to you.  What are you teaching them?  Are you teaching them to bow down to the devil and let him have control of the situation or are you going to believe you are enough and fight with the little fire that you have in you?  I will say it again….You are enough…right where you are…right now!

And on those days when you can only say the words and don’t quite believe them, find someone who will tell you that you are enough!!  And when you are on top of the world, be that person to someone else!!  There is someone in your life right now that is needing to hear from YOU that “THEY ARE ENOUGH”!

How does this relate to my apron collection?  Well that night at dinner when I went to get an apron to cook, I realized the shirt I was wearing and I realized the beautiful aprons sitting in front of me.  I took the best one that had never been worn, even though it was bought a year ago, and proudly wore it while I cooked dinner for my family.  Aprons protect clothing from messes and so it’s no secret that this apron was going to get messy and greasy.  But that’s ok!!!

It’s ok for aprons to become dirty and worn and un-useable in time.  But it’s not ok for you to become those things!  Don’t let the dirty sins and tragedies of the world make you worn and un-useable.  YOU ARE ENOUGH!!  So go out today and use your best china and wear your apron today!!!  Spread the message that we are all ENOUGH!!


What do you think?