Using Graphite Paper When Painting

Painting doesn’t have to be intimidating. Here is how you can use graphite paper when painting to create beautiful pieces.

Looking at a blank slate whether it be a canvas, a piece of wood, or a cutting board can be very intimidating when you’re new to painting. There are easier ways and I want to show you how!

Here is what you need:

You’re going to soon realize that this isn’t a new concept. We’re going to trace our design onto our painting surface (in this case a canvas) which let’s you “paint by number” just without the numbers.

The first thing you need is a design. It can be something that you have torn out of a magazine or printed off of the internet. Typically, when I do my online paint classes, I share the pdf of my design.

Depending on the size, you may have to piece it together to fit on your painting surface. For this one, it took a little more than one piece of paper so I taped it together, as you can see in the pic.

I also taped my design to the graphite/carbon paper. This is going to keep it from sliding around when you are working with it.

When you are taping it, make sure that the dark side of the graphite/carbon paper is on the bottom.

Next, tape the entire piece to your painting surface.

Now comes the fun part of tracing your design onto your painting surface!

Remember, this can be ANYTHING!! Canvas, wood, and old cutting board, a wall…..whatever you want!

When you’re done, you have a “coloring page” ready for paint!

Then I teach you how to turn that into this…..

And YES, you can do it! I break all of my paint classes down into easy steps helping you paint something you absolutely love!

This simple technique gave all of these ladies the confidence to paint beautiful pieces!!

Next time you’re sitting in front of a blank slate, I want you to try this technique.

Using graphite paper when painting takes the uneasiness giving you more confidence so you can get to creating!

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