Scarecrow Door Hanger

This Scarecrow Door Hanger is going to be the perfect addition to your entryway this fall. Here is the EASY DIY to you can make your own!

I love all things whimsical no matter what time of the year it is and this Scarecrow Door Hanger is the perfect addition if you love the same. Just remember, you can paint it to match whatever style you like to decorate in.

Here is what you need to make your own Scarecrow Door Hanger:

  • Scarecrow Set
  • Paint (Orange, Black, White, Yellow, Brown, Teal)
  • Paint Pen(White and Black)
  • Ribbon
  • Glitter(Black, Silver, Teal)
  • Spouncer

I did not have a flesh colored paint so I just mixed a tad bit of brown with my white to create a color for the scarecrow face. Cover the entire piece in this color, minus the hat and neck area.

Next, pick a paint color for your hat and neck and paint those areas.

To do the straw hair, I followed the outline of the cutout and then added some angles and lines towards the face and hat line to make it look more realistic.

To add some dimension to the hat and neckline, I took a bit of white paint to do some highlighting.

Using a round foam brush, I added some whimsical circles in a coordinating color.

If you want to create smaller dots, you can use the end of your foam brush or the eraser of a pencil.

To add some accents, I used a white and black paint pens since you have a little more control versus using thin paint brushes.

Don’t forget to add some dimension to the straw hair with some darker brown and white.

For the eyes and mouth, I used a black paint pen. To create the eyes, you can sketch out an oval or do it free-hand. There is no perfect oval 😉

To do the mouth, just draw a squiggly line with lines through it.

Add an orange triangle nose.

Then add white detailing to the eyes.

To finish this cutie off, I though she needed some glitter! I added gold to her hair, black to her eyes, and aqua to the polka dots.

Now it’s time to create my scrappy bow or any bow you are comfortable making.

Add some eyelashes and she’s ready to welcome friends and family into your home!!

I absolutely LOVE this Scarecrow Door Hanger. You can get the cutout HERE so you can make your own! The set does come with this large one and one smaller sized one.

What do you think of this Scarecrow Door Hanger?

Make sure to share your pics on social media and tag me if you create one of your own! I’d love to see it!

What do you think?