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    Vintage Watering Can Makeover

    Turn any vintage watering can into an adorable flower planter with this makeover tutorial! Dust off your old cans or go hunting for one so you can make one! It’s time to dust off the old metal watering cans that you may have stashed in your own garage or at your parents house! If you don’t have one, you can almost always find one at local swap meets or garage sales. Pull it out, clean it up and let’s make is pretty!!! Here’s what you need to make your own Vintage Watering Can Planter – Any old metal watering can Spray paint Crystal rhinestones of any color and size Jump…

  • Crafts/DIY

    Four Steps To Creating A Fairy Garden In 15 Minutes

    I have wanted a fairy garden since I was a little girl!  There is a sense of whimsy and imagination that comes along with fairy’s that I think everyone can appreciate.  You can make a fairy gardens large or small depending on your space, time and budget.  Fairy gardens are also great ways for kids to learn how to take care of plants.  Let each of your kiddos create one of their own to tend to throughout the year! There are 4 simple steps to creating a fairy garden! Once you know what they are and have all of your supplies, you’ll have  yours done in 15 minutes!  Get the…