Vintage Watering Can Makeover

Turn any vintage watering can into an adorable flower planter with this makeover tutorial! Dust off your old cans or go hunting for one so you can make one!

Vintage Watering Can Makeover

It’s time to dust off the old metal watering cans that you may have stashed in your own garage or at your parents house! If you don’t have one, you can almost always find one at local swap meets or garage sales.

Pull it out, clean it up and let’s make is pretty!!!

Here’s what you need to make your own Vintage Watering Can Planter –

  • Any old metal watering can
  • Spray paint
  • Crystal rhinestones of any color and size
  • Jump rings (found in jewelry making)
  • Fishing line or jewelry thread

Isn’t she adorable!?!

After your vintage watering can is clean from cobwebs and dirt, make sure it’s completely dry and then spray paint it in whatever color matches you’re style! I opted for pink because I love ALL things pink!

Once your paint is dry, you can leave it as is or take some sand paper and rough up the edges a little to make it look a little more distressed!

Next is the fun part – attaching the rhinestones!

Watering Can Makeover Rhinestones

I took varying lengths of the jewelry line (or fishing line) and tied them to the jump ring.

Once you have all of your lines tied to the jewelry jump ring, string it through the vintage watering can spout from the inside. You’ll notice that I didn’t have a string for every hole of the vintage watering can spout. This is all personal preference. I did secure it with a little bit of hot glue. This was mostly so it didn’t move around while I was working with the beads.

At this point, you’re just going to want to start threading your rhinestones on the individual threads. You can layer and alternate sizes and colors to your preference. I opted to keep them all clear so it would resemble water dripping out when it was hung.

Tie the ends off and you’re done!

Before planting any flowers in it, you need to make sure that you drill some drainage hole into the bottom. Mine already had them so I was good to go.

Fill it up with potting soil and insert some annual flowers!

You can use the back handle to hang so it is displayed at an angle which was my original plan, but I opted to just use it on the ground.

I created this to go with the Festival Serving Station that I built and it was the perfect addition!
DIY Festival Serving Station Final

You can check out how to create the Stenciled Chair HERE!

Do you have any old vintage watering can laying around that you could makeover? It’s a super simple project that can be completed in a couple hours!

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