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    Are you Listening?

    Are you listening? I mean truly listening? In today's fast paced world, it's a hard thing to do and is something that we need to be conscious about every single day.

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    2 Steps to Claiming Your Magical JOY

    What is Joy?  According the to english dictionary is is an emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires. In order to have magical joy you have to chose yourself. Let me follow up by saying that this isn’t a post about selfishness!  Selfishness in the sense of the word is having NO CARE for others around you.  When you are done reading today, you will see what in loving yourself, you can love those around you with an even greater power! I was in the dollar spot at Target and as if being there wasn’t already my favorite; add in…

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    Creating A Spa On A Budget

    In home spa

    When people think of a spa they think of “expensive”.  I know I do.  While I would love to have spa days at least once a month where someone else does all of the prepping and pampering, real life doesn’t let that happen.  Creating a spa on a budget in your own home doesn’t have to be expensive though.  AND, you can get the same added benefits of paying hundreds of dollars for someone else to create one for you. Creating your own spa is easy when you use your 5 senses!  It’s that simple! Sight – candles are the first thing that people think of when it comes to…

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    Success Versus CRAP Identity?

    In order to achieve success you have to believe that you are capable of achieving it.  What is success versus crap identity?  Many of us have a lot of CRAP that we tell ourselves.   That we aren’t smart enough or good enough.  We have limiting beliefs inside of us that hold us back from the true successes that are within our reach.  Another CRAP thought is “I’m stuck!”.  It’s those limiting beliefs that keep us from moving forward.  You become frustrated and have difficult times because of these limiting beliefs.  That CRAP is what is keeping you from succeeding.  Simply put, you are letting that CRAP be your identity!  If…

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    How To Manifest Your Success In 6 Easy Steps

    “It’s never too late to be happy.”  “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”  You’ve heard it been said before.  “Take today and move forward.”  But how do you manifest your success?  I’ve got 6 easy steps for you to implement TODAY that will put you on a FAST path to your success! These 6 steps will keep you emotionally and mentally strong to stay the path to success no matter what that means in your life. Our lives are solely in our own hands. While we can elevate others to places of great importance in our lives, ultimately if we are not happy, no one…

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    I Hope You Fail – How It Will Make You A Better Person

    I hope you fail!  I really do! When someone says “failure” usually the words that come to mind are sadness, fear, making a fool of myself, desperation, panic, shame, and heartbreak. But here’s what else you need to know about that word!  Helping, generous, openness, knowledge, bravery and courageous are all built from failure. To pretend that we can get to the latter emotions without feelings the pains of failure is a dangerous and misguided assumption. Your failure is guiding you to greater things. It is preparing you for interactions with others in which you will be viewed as the brave one and the generous one. You ever have those…

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    This Is YOUR Mountain to Climb and How To Do It When You Don’t Have the Energy!

      That hard time you’re in – have you ever considered that maybe it’s the mountain you’ve been assigned to tackle!?! [bctt tweet=”Maybe, you are meant to climb it and prove the strength and determination to yourse lf and God!” username=”RuffledDaisy”] Maybe, you are meant to climb it so you can share with others at the top that it IS possible! Maybe, you are supposed to forge a new path and get around it or over it in an way that is a little unconventional! This is YOUR mountain! It’s been assigned to you because GOD believes that you can handle it! [bctt tweet=”You’re going to experience wind, snow and…

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    Holding Others As We Are Held

    Babies are born with a preciousness that is beyond explanation.  The term precious means “honorable” and “of great worth not to be wasted or treated carelessly”.  We hold every newborn with a sense of preciousness.  Even in holding them, we are extra cautious..  They are innocent from the sins of the world and bring a sense of great worth when they come into being. Then we grow up.  As a toddler we commit sins in a selfish nature when we don’t want to share a certain doll or toy truck.  Simple, but nonetheless, a selfish sin.  As we grow older we may commit other, greater sins.  Maybe as a teenager…

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    Finding the Beauty in Your Struggle

    The caterpillar and the butterfly is the epitome of beauty grounded in struggle.  The process of morphing from a caterpillar into a butterfly is actually a very painful process.  It’s hard to see when we are in the middle of the struggle, but when you arrive on the other side, 99% of the time, you begin to see where the beauty was hidden or when it emerged.  Even in death there is more waiting to be seen.  For almost everything, the beauty of the struggle is there waiting to be seen. It’s no secret that I suffer from depression.  Some say it’s due to circumstances surrounding me and others say…

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    Success at Work VS Success at Home

    Business’s grow a lot faster than people do!  With the rise of social media, businesses can sky rocket through the roof and if you aren’t personally keeping up then you’ll get left behind.  This year, The Ruffled Daisy celebrated 8 years of being in business!  It’s been an amazing 8 years but it’s also been a challenging 8 years.  Running a business on your own (with just the hubby’s help) is a lot of work.  Some days were spent not giving enough to my husband and kids because the business needed me.  Some days were spent stressed and frazzled because I didn’t have enough hands or hours in the day.…