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    Wooden Carrots DIY

    Wooden Carrots DIY

    If you're look for a FUN and QUICK craft, these Wooden Carrots are the perfect project! These make the best accent pieces to your Spring and Easter decor.

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    Quick and Easy Stenciled Chair Makeover

    Taking an old and worn out piece of furniture and transforming it into a new and pretty piece makes my heart flutter! This Stenciled Chair Makeover does just that!  The fact that this piece has a unicorn AND glitter makes my whimsical heart happy!! If you have an old chair, a stencil, and some paint then it’s time to get to creating one of your own!  Wouldn’t this look amazing in a little girl’s room?  Mine currently resides in my office! I partnered up with Rust-Oleum to bring you this quick and easy DIY that anyone can do! Once I wiped the chair down and removed any heavy residue, I chose…

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    St. Patrick’s Day Glitter Wreath

    St. Patty’s Day is the perfect reason for me to create a GLITTER wreath!!  I love attending the St. Patrick’s Day parades and wearing green but I’m far from being Irish.  I’m a bandwagon girl when it comes to this holiday 🙂 St. Patrick’s Day is a day to enjoy the fun and break out of the normal routine for a little bit.  It’s a day to embrace the kid in your and wear fun clothes and celebrate, just because! This project can be done in as little as 20 minutes! Supplies needed: 8 inch metal wreath form 10 inch wooden disc found in the wood supply department at Hobby…

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    Home Decor Holiday Printables!!

    Blog Post Image - Home Decor Holiday Printables

    I LOVE decorating for every holiday and season!  But having different decor for every…single…holiday or season can not only take up a lot of storage space, but it can take a lot of your budget too!  And for someone who has resolved to tighten down her budget this year, I don’t have a lot of excess to spend. I figured, why not create some holiday printables that you can swap in and out of pictures frames!  It’s easy and CHEAP!  Don’t stress on redecorating an entire mantle for the holidays!  Sometimes all you need is a little added picture to dress up a whole room and give it a new…

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    Cinnamon Caramel Muffins

    Cinnamon and Caramel – there are literally no two better things in the world to me!  AND when it’s an easy recipe to put together, that makes it even better!  Sure you can make your own cinnamon rolls but when Pillsbury already has a good one that’s quick, why not use it! All you need is these two simple ingredients: Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls and some caramels! I used the Kraft Sea Salt Caramels because I like the combination of the salty and sweet.  Then you just need a cupcake pan!  Cute liners make a difference too 😉 Flatten each cinnamon roll out with your fingers and wrap a caramel candy…

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    Easter Bunny Burlap Banner

    It’s almost Easter and today I want to share with you how to make this adorable Easter Bunny Burlap Banner.  It’s the perfect addition to any mantle, hutch or entryway.  For this project you’re going to need the following supplies: 6-8 burlap triangles, fabric, twine, paint, bunny stencil, craft clothes pins. Using the stencil, paint the bunnies into the burlap.  Becasue burlap isn’t a tight weave fabric you will want to do this on a piece of paper becasue the paint will seep through.  You can do all of the bunnies one color or mix it up to match the fabric ties.  Set aside to dry. Taking your fabric, make…

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    Easter Mantel Reveal

    The passing of seasons and holidays signals change – and I love it!  Change brings newness in life and in decor!  Today, I am revealing my Easter Mantel with you!  It was all done and ready as soon as St. Patrick’s Day was done – I don’t waste time around here on decorating 🙂 Most of the items on my mantel have been made me – that’s just how I roll.  But guess what, I can make them for you, or I can tell you how to make them yourself! I made this Easter Bunny banner last year and it is going to be that piece that I use every…