The Ruffled Daisy introduces a holiday tradition called ‘Movie Night In A Bag’, offering a unique method to enjoy favorite Christmas movies. The bag contains 12 tokens, each of which customers write the name of a Christmas movie on. The post also provides a list of 30 largely popular Christmas movies, ensuring a variety of options for a memorable festive period.


Movie Night In A Bag: Unwrap the Magic of Christmas Movies

If you’re looking for a simple craft then I’ve got you covered. This Woodland Snowflake DIY that can be done in about 15 minutes!


Woodland Snowflake DIY

Creating ornaments is a tradition for many families every year and this easy gumball ornament is going to be one that you that everyone enjoys!


Gumball Ornament

This Faux Hot Cocoa Ornament is so much fun you’re going to want to make several to give as gifts!


Faux Hot Cocoa Ornament DIY

Creating ornaments from Dollar Tree items make for QUICK and EASY projects. Here’s one you to try this weekend!


Dollar Tree Joy Ornament

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