Simple Terra Cotta Gnomes DIY

Gnomes are all the rage right now! I love that you can create them to fit any holiday depending on how you dress them up. I wanted to make some of my own but I wanted to come up with my own idea instead of following what someone else did on the web.

In comes the Terra Cotta Gnomes! I had some old terra cotta pots left over from THIS PROJECT so I instantly knew that they would work for my gnomes. I wanted them to be small enough to sit on a shelf and the 3″ pots were the perfect size.

Here’s how you can make your own Terra Cotta Gnomes! You’re going to need the following supplies:

  • 3″ terra cotta pot
  • paint
  • thick yarn
  • a piece of string
  • a wooden egg that you can get from any craft store
  • felt
  • hot glue

First up you’re going to paint your pots since you will be able to see the sides and back. I went with a neutral color. This DecoArt color was perfect for what I was going for.

While your pot is drying, take your yarn and wrap it around your fingers multiple times. You going to want the length to be about as long as your pot. The width of my four fingers was perfect. For this project you are going to want a thicker yarn – it is going to create the beard on the gnome and so you want it pretty dense.

Next, you’re going to tie one end of the loops together with a piece of twine, leaving the ends long enough to hot glue to the top of the pot.

After you have it all tied together, you can cut the loops on the other end so they are no longer attached together.

Taking the ends of the twine, hot glue them to the top of the terra cotta pot. You will not be able to see this so looks don’t really matter. It is going to be covered with the gnome hat.

Next up take your felt and cut it into a half circle. Mine was about 6″ wide. You can guesstimate what works for your pot, but you are wanting the base to go around the bottom of the pot. Hot glue the straight sides of the half circle together forming a cone hat.

Lining the inside of the cone hat with hot glue, place on top of the pot covering some of the yard.

Taking your wooden egg or anything that you want to use for the nose, nestle it in the middle of the yard and hot glue it to the pot. You are going to want the beard to lay to the sides of the nose like pictured.

At this point you can add decorate your hat with other felt shapes or add some eyes. Some gnomes have eyes that you can see and some do not. It is personal preference.

Isn’t he the cutest Terra Cotta Gnome!!

I just love the way these look on my floating shelves nestled among some other holiday or home decor items. These are such an easy project to make that you can make Terra Cotta Gnomes to match every holiday!

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