As another year closes, I am reminded of the blessings I have received from The Ruffled Daisy. The last two weeks of the year always brings a time of relaxation for me. It’s a time to celebrate with family and enjoy the small amount of time away from business to recollect all my thoughts about the year I have completed and plan for the future.

As I file away past orders, brainstorming files and notes I am reminded of the special pieces “you” have asked me to design. Pieces that have signified new births and new marriages. Pieces that have been created to remember loved ones passed. Many custom family pieces with sentiments that only have special meaning within the walls of your home. Pieces that memorialize my customers’ most important values, principles, and sayings. Being able to provide families with such special pieces that will last a lifetime has truly been a gift to me that I never imagined in the beginning.

There have been 950+ of those special pieces this year. That averages to about 80 pieces per month. In looking at those numbers, I can begin to understand why I’ve struggled with a work/home balance this year so much. WOW! That’s a lot for this one “woman” show! Those order numbers do not include all of the items I’ve created for my retail space either!! That venture was taken on in April. So….I’ve been busy. It’s safe to say that it’s taken a toll on my and my family.

In the coming year you will likely see changes with The Ruffled Daisy. Changes that will allow me to continue to grow my business as well as being able to focus the time needed on my family. I will be commissioning helpers to assist with some of the behind the scenes work allowing me to do more designing 🙂 which is my passion. Each piece I create, depending on what it is, is a multi-step process. My core value is to continue to offer each of my pieces with the best quality possible. And that will continue. In being able to do this, I will be able to continue my duties as a wife and mother since that is truly what must come first. With all business growth, there comes a time of refocus. Refocus is a GOOD thing! By definition, it means to make clear. Making clear what my duties as a homemaker are and making clear what my duties as a successful business owner is. Each holds a unique and great value and each deserves my time in their own right.

I hope that my faithful customers follow along with me on this journey as I continue to grow personally and professionally! Without you, there would be no Ruffled Daisy. And without you there would not be two “AMAZING” new lines being debuted this year!!! I’m thankful and proud that I am who you call on when you need special pieces created to symbolize the core values that you hold…FAMILY and FRIENDS!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for an absolutely spectacular year! I can only hope I exceed all of my customers expectations not only in the coming year but in many years to come!

May God bless you in your passions and dreams as he has done for me!

What do you think?