One Day Can Change Everything!

One day can change everything.  Today a change is happening that is life-changing. I’m heading back into the work force – after 14 years of being home and raising babies and following my dreams.  This isn’t a bad thing though – The Ruffled Daisy is staying!  So my dreams of that are still going full-force forward!

Life changes fast you don’t always know where they are taking you but you must trust the in magic of new beginnings. These new beginnings are going to be hard and also propel me to greater things!  It’s easy to go through life thinking you have all of the answers figured out – only to realize that you don’t. Its our trust in a God where our only answer needs to lie. Trust that the path he’s leading you on is the path you are entrusted to humbly walk and light on fire ? this is the path that you learn more about who you are and how to use who you are to bring greatness to the world. The things of the past don’t have to be done. Your past is what created you. Your past is what God used to place you on your current path. You weren’t ready for this journey before now. Trust in the magic of new beginnings and embrace the change with determination! Continue to live in your passions and use them to propel you on your new journey. Continue being a creator, a doer, and a girl on fire ? change is good even when it’s scary 

What do you think?