Napkin Frame DIY

Napkins are all the rage in decorating right now and this Napkin Frame DIY is going to be your next favorite project!

If you are a seasoned crafter then you know the power that napkins have when it comes to using them to create amazing home décor. If you’re not, then you’re about to be amazed!

This Napkin Frame DIY is one of my favorite pieces! The watercolor napkin is absolutely beautiful and matches my home décor perfectly!

Here is what you’re going to need to create one of these pieces for yourself:

  • Frame of any kind. I chose this floating frame that I picked up from Dollar General
  • Mod Podge
  • Napkins of any kind – THESE are the napkins I used
  • Paint

I opted to use the back of the piece and may make this a reversible piece in the future.

Using my “plastic knife” technique, I added some more color to my frame. It just gives it a little bit more character and honestly it’s kind of my signature style.

You can achieve this look using a plastic knife, which is how I started, but I use the Dollar Tree Crafters tool now. You put some paint on the tip of the knife or tool and simply scrap it along your piece.

It creates such an AMAZING look that I know you’re going to love!

While your frame is drying, remove the label for the back of the plaque and remove the layers of your napkin. Napkins are typically 2 or 3-ply so make sure you get them all.

Using mod podge, you’ll want to adhere your napkin to the plaque. I started at the bottom with my napkin and pressed it down as I worked up that way if there were any bubbles, I could push them out.

You will have to be a little bit careful as to not tear your napkin.

If you’re napkin was a bit bigger than your plaque, you can sand the edges.

You don’t have to put a coat of mod podge on the top of the napkin. It laid perfectly and the texture made it feel like a canvas and I was obsessed!

Once it’s all dry, you can use some twine or ribbon that matches and tie it all back together!


I absolutely LOVE the way this turned out! It looks like a true watercolor painting and no one would even know that it started out as a napkin!

If you love decorating and creating with napkins, I encourage you to check out my Pretty Posh Palette Napkin Squad HERE! We’ve have a lot of fun and you get amazing napkins delivered to your door every month!

I hope you love this and try it for yourself!

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