Hedgehog Wood Slices Fall Craft

Affordable and easy crafts are a must in my world. These Hedgehog Wood Slices fit that bill perfectly for a fall craft!

Hedgehogs aren’t typically things that you see people crafting with, but when I saw these napkins, I knew that I had to create something with them! They’re just adorable!!

Here’s what you need to create your own Hedgehog Wood Slices:

I started by picking a color that closely matched the background color of the napkin. We weren’t going to see it much on the finished project but I wanted the lighter color to match as best as it could.

Sand down one side of your wood slice so it’s smooth and paint a coat your chosen color on it.

While that is drying, you can peel apart the layers of your napkin. Typically they are either 2 or 3-ply. Make sure you get all of the ply’s separated otherwise they will bubble.

Taking a small round brush, you will outline your design with a little water. If it bleeds onto your design, you can use a hair dryer or heat gun to dry it and rewet. VERY carefully, tear the design away from the rest of the napkin.

The idea is to tear JUST the design out without any background paper showing. The torn look is going to meld into your paint and make a seamless transition when you adhere it.

Now you can adhere your designs to your wood slices with mod podge. I chose the Satin finish for this project because I think the light sheen it gives. Give your wood slices a light coat of mod podge and then very carefully lay your design on.

I did NOT put the mod podge on the bark edges. I didn’t want the napkin adhered to that area so I just kept the mod podge on the lighter middle section that we painted.

I did give it a coat of mod podge on the top to seal it.

After your mod podge is dry, you’re going to sand down the edges to show the bark.

Once it’s all dry and sanded, now you can dress up to your personal taste. I thought it needed a bow but wanted it to be simple so I opted for a little raffia and orange colored twine. It was the perfect addition to these wood slices.

I think they turned out just adorable! These Hedgehog Wood Slices would also be perfect as ornaments. Just drill a small hole into the top and thread some twine in it to hang. Adding some wooden beads would also be a nice added touch.

I think these Hedgehog Wood Slices are just the cutest! I have NEVER decorated with Hedgehog’s but I think I will now!

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