Making Your Life a Best-Seller!


You life is your story!  When someone sits down to read your story, what do you want them to see?  Is your story one of love and happiness?  Is it one of struggle and pain?  Is it one of teaching?  Is it a comedy or a drama?  We all have a story to our life!

If you are living in happiness or pain, you must begin to realize that if you want your story to be magnificent in its own way, then you must begin by realizing that you are the AUTHOR and everyday is a new page!

So how do you do that when you struggle with where you are in life?  Maybe you feel stuck at a dead-end job.  Maybe you struggle with infertility and don’t know how you can survive  knowing that you can’t bring life into the world?  Maybe you battle mental demons that haunt you and tell you that you’re a failure?  Maybe you struggle with not being able to find true-love?  Maybe you struggle with loss?  Whatever it is…YOU are the author of how the story unfolds.  Writing your story is truly about is understanding where you are, where you want to be and the steps you have to take to get there. If you can do that, you can start, at this very moment, writing our own story in a way that allows you to choose your happy ending.

Choose the Next Right Thing!

Goals are important in life!  If you don’t have goals then you won’t follow the path to achieving success in every area of your life.  Granted, some things just come as life moves along, but in order to truly succeed, you must have goals.  You’re taught in school to have short-term goals and long-term goals.  This is easily seen when dealing with finances.  For today though, and for your story, I want you to focus on the next right thing! Relating to finances, this doesn’t mean the next right thing is figuring out how to build an emergency fund in 6 months.  The next right thing, is making a choice today that gets you there.  A simple choice or maybe bypassing the $6 coffee and making it at home.  How does this equate to your story and your life?  Sometimes the next right thing, is simple getting out of bed when you don’t feel like facing the day.  The next right thing may be deciding to take a friend to lunch because they are having a down day or YOU are having a down day and need it.  Focus on the next right thing TODAY!

Embrace the Messiness!

You know the pain, love, happiness, and struggle that is a part of your story?  It’s there as a teacher for you and for YOU to share what you learned with others.  That’s why memoirs have their own section in bookstores!  All of those people have learned and went through things in their life that they want to teach you.  Now, this doesn’t mean that I am telling you to go out and write a memoir because that’s not for everyone.  But what I am telling you is to embrace all of the messiness and treat it as if you were writing a memoir.  Don’t think anyone would want to read that??  Get it together!!!  You were created by GOD to write an amazing story and if ANYONE wants to read it, it’s him!  At the end of your life, he will be the one that reads your story and tells you “Well Done!”

Two simple tasks!  Doing the next right thing and embracing the messiness!  Now….go out and be the author of your magnificent story!  Make tomorrow a new page and maybe even a new chapter!  Make it a best-seller for your Maker!!

What do you think?