How to Embrace Your Season of Fruitfulness

We all have a journey and we all have a time to be great!  For each one of us, that looks and feel different.

Find where you are and be GREAT!

Some of us are babies and just blooming. Blooms bring newness. There is an innocence that we need to hold onto!  Blooms bring a sense of peace. Blooms are still growing and are fed from their base. We bloom for a short period of time.  There is greatness in blooming!  It’s our time of soaking in all that is around is!

Some of us are the red blackberries. These are the times of hard growth. We’re aren’t yet ripe, but we have beauty. Some appreciate us … the young ones who don’t quite know what maturity brings. Some around us appreciate the fruit that we are now and only want what we have. Some of us only bear this fruit and it is delicious!  Share your young beauty with those that see it and appreciate it.

Some of us are the fully ripened blackberries!  They’re ripe and mature. They’re full of greatness!  They have achieved their greatness from the vine and they are ready to burst in the hands of their picker!  When you pick them, they ooze their greatness onto you!  You can’t help but learn from the ripe blackberries – they will no doubt leave a stain on your soul of their beauty!

Some of us have served our time. Some of us are dying black raspberries. No one picked us but we are still nourishing our vine. We are feeding those that come after us. Maybe you feel that you haven’t lived to the fullness that your life brought — but your feeding future generations. You will fall to the soil and nourish the coming generations. Be great!

The bloom … the red blackberries … the black blackberries … the dying blackberries … They all come from the same plant, yet they all produce unique greatness!

Maybe your time isn’t as a bloom and you’re struggling. Maybe your time isn’t as a black raspberry and you’re struggling.  YOU have a time – and SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE is enjoying the juicy fruit that you are sharing!

EACH of the fruits has importance no matter how mature it is!

Know where you are and share your fruit ❤️.

What do you think?