Hold On My Friend

Welcome to the community! Here is where you’re going to find out all about who I am and what this page offers you!

It’s amazing to me how life morphs and changes. We “think” we know the path we’re on and while sometimes, we are on the right path, the road can tend to wind a little more than we thought.

Going into my 11th year of The Ruffled Daisy in 2022, it’s amazing to look back at where I’ve been. While I had an amazing business creating items for people a few years ago, I still felt like I was missing something and I didn’t know what it was.

I created this video in 2017 and then about a year later, the deepest hole of depression hit for me a solid year or two.

You’re probably going to wonder how this video has anything to do with this post, but bear with me.

I was going to let this page be and give up on it. Not because it wasn’t successful but because I was struggling with my “why”. Although this is my full-time income, I knew I wasn’t just here to make another dollar. I needed something deeper and more meaningful.

During the next two years God worked HARD on me. There were times I questioned why I was here for my family. I was in a very dark and dangerous place.

But God worked on me. He held me when I didn’t have the strength to see tomorrow. I gave up everything I had and laid it all at his feet to do his work. I was fully trusting “him” which was hard for me.

He broke me down and worked on the parts of me I didn’t know needed attention and even parts of me I didn’t know existed! I’m telling you it was MAJOR transformation.

During that time, I still checked in here on the page every now and then. Something inside of me told me to hold on because something bigger and better was ahead of me.

I’m SO glad I did ❤️

While I still create for you, my business looks nothing like it did in the video I created above. I found the missing piece during my deep, dark sorrow-filled fight with depression.

  • He shared with me how to create a community that doesn’t just sell things.
  • He showed me how to make an impact on ONE person and through that ONE person, I would make an impact on MANY!
  • He showed me that no matter how many dollars I made, none of it mattered if the people didn’t connect with my heart.

Coming back to this page, I didn’t know what it was going to look like and so I just started listening to God and YOU.

I shared my heart with you and met you in the place you are. I’ve rejoiced with you and cried with you. I’ve grown with you.

This page is not one that has a million followers. While I know I want to reach millions of people, I don’t know what God’s plan look like for me. What I do know is that I am where he placed me and I am joyfully serving his purpose.

Through this story, I want you to know that there is hope! There is joy to be had in sorrow. There is a rainbow after the rain. There is life after pain.

Hold on my dear friend.

The life ahead of you has been paved for you and he is leading you to safe and joyful places. If you’re in the dark place today, he is there. Open your heart and trust. Lay everything about who you are and where you’ve been at his feet and let him do his will. It may feel VERY uncomfortable, but the comfort you receive on the other side is one I never imagined feeling.

If you’re wanting to know a little bit more about what this community looks like today, check out this video.

Here’s what I want you to know…

Keep fighting, keep showing up, and keep connecting with this community.

I know that God placed me where I am to serve his purpose. And I know that you are here as part of that purpose. You are appreciated, you are loved, and you are needed. I pray that this community continues to grow with an open door to all of the people who need what we offer here.


      • Linda

        Beth, I know you have gone through many things in your life in this world 🌎 in general and also as a business lady. BUT you have gone through all to find your purpose. This purpose helps me. I know it helps many others because I have shared with many others. God knows all of us and if you can reach one person it’s worth it all. My prayers are with you and your future in this page and all your business as it unfolds in the future. Gods Blessings as you help so many people. I love you Beth Eaton. Sincerely, Linda PS: Through all you do as a person has helped me many times. Ty. .

  • Mary Gayle Hunt

    Thank you for telling us your story how God changed your life. God is so good to us, but sometimes we forget.I used to have an amazing relationship with our Lord and Savior,but I stopped doing the things that gave me that relationship. As you said God has a purpose for each of us, and I want that special relationship back. In order to have it I have to work at it, and I will.
    Thanks again .

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