Have Courage To Follow Your Own Path

We don’t always know what our path is. Paths take sharp turns sometimes and other times they are gentle. Sometimes there are steep hills to climb and other times there may be downed trees to move so you can clear the way for you to continue. At the end of the path is God. Waiting for you, to tell you “job well done”.

You’re gonna fall. You’re gonna skin your knee and there are times you may break some bones. You start on this path by yourself and you pick you people along the way go help you navigate it. Some of those people take a turn that you aren’t meant to take and you have to let go. Someone else will be on your path and you will come along a cliff – that person will be the one with an outstretched hand helping you when you need it. Then there are other times you are there by yourself and you have to figure out how to cross a broken bridge by yourself.

We each have our own path and we each have rough spots and easy spots. But keep following your path….don’t sit on the side giving up. Don’t jump off that broken bridge because it’s easier. And when you see someone on the side of your path broken…be that outreached hand that they need to get up and keep going. Because in the end you will see the wonderful story that you wrote with your life. You will see where you overcame and you will see where you healed! Follow your path.

What do you think?