Fruit Napkin DIY

Need just a little something to liven up your summer decor? This Fruit Napkin DIY is going to be perfect for any space in your home that needs a little character and color.

The materials needed to create your own Fruit Napkin DIY are:

I started by painting a layer of white on my piece of scrap wood and the garden markers from dollar tree.

Using a credit card (or something similar) and grey paint, lay lines across the board. Then place lines vertically to resemble a brick or shiplap pattern.

Now it’s time to decorate the garden markers with our napkins. Cut out your preferred fruit from your napkins. I used napkins from my Pretty Posh Palette Napkin Club that had lemons, watermelons and strawberries.

You can see I also trimmed the edge of the watermelon napkin so I could use it around the edge of the scrap wood piece.

Separate your napkins so that they have one layer. Many napkins have 2-3 layers so make sure you remove them all. If you don’t, they bottom layer will bubble on your project.

You can use the traditional mod podge method or use this saran wrap or dry mod podge method, to attach your napkins to your garden markers.

Using an exacto knife, cut the napkin at the base of the piece.

Remove the excess napkin with sandpaper.

Paint the sticks brown.

For the scrap piece of wood, I sanded it down to give it more of a rustic look when it was completely dry.

Now it’s time for my signature touch! Drag your crafter tools, plastic knife or palette knife with black paint across the edge of your pieces.

Mark where you want to cut the garden markers and then cut them off.

Hot glue your pieces onto your board.

Make a bow out of twine and hot glue it onto the base of your pieces.

Apply Modge Podge onto the edge of your board and adhere the edges that we moved from the watermelon napkin.

That’s it!!

This was a project that I didn’t really know how it would turn out. I originally thought it might be too “kid” looking, but I absolutely fell in love with it! It is the perfect accent piece for your summer decor.

What do you think?

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  • Linda

    I really like the fruit napkin craft
    I can’t eat hot stuff but Brady, grandson would love them. I’ll forward the recipe to him I used to buy wings and make different ones all the time but they are sooo expensive here now.

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