Follow Your Road

Follow Your Road No Matter How It Winds

We all have winding paths that lead us through life – some with pretty sharp turns! Find out how to follow your own road when the going gets tough!

Follow Your Road

On my drive home the other day, I noticed this picture.  Light and dark. Straight and windy. Every road follows that path. It got me to thinking about how the roads we travel everyday is synonymous to our lives.

We all have winding paths that lead us through life – even with some pretty sharp turns! If you stay focused and committed to your road, life will seem a little easier.

On days where it seems to be straight and without struggle, you may begin to see a curve placed in front of you. Then you will have days where you can’t keep a straight line no matter what.

There will also be shadow and light and sometimes we need to be reminded that each of them is symbolic of reality.

The Shadows Of Our Road

There are shadows that bring darkness to the STRAIGHT paths – those are the hard feelings we fight everyday. The bad days, the sleepless nights, the days of not enough coffee, the days of missed appointments. We all have them. They’re dark but they are manageable.

There are also shadows on the WINDING paths…those are hard. With life passing you by at 72 mph these are going to be the times of difficult pain. Death, depression, job loss, relationship failure. They all suck. I’ve been through EVERY . SINGLE . ONE. They’re not easy. You may feel as if you’re going to crash because it’s dark and the road is to winding and crazy to stay on the beaten path.

The Light Of Our Road

If you keep driving, you’re going to happen upon straight paths again. The paths of birth, love, and wholeness. And if you keep going some more, those shadows are going to give way to sunshine. Those are the days we all live for and those are the days that keep us going because we have faith that they are there.

Follow Your Road

We all have winding roads. We all have shadows. God promises us that if we have faith in his word, he will guide us to straight paths and sunshine.

Follow your road.

  • Learn what the dark times teach you so you can hold someone else’s hand through their dark and winding road.
  • Help guide someone else to their sunshine-filled straight paths because some day, you’ll happen across a curve and you may be the one that needs a hand to hold.
  • Follow the road that God places before you – embrace all of the curves and shadows knowing that you will look back and see their purpose and lesson.

Enjoy each curve, straightway, shadow and sunshine that it brings.

Only then … you will have lived a full and complete life.

Follow Your Road

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