FLY in Your Happiness

You’re going to come across waves that knock you on your butt! And you’re going to come across skies so blue that you believe there is NOTHING that can stop you from achieving happiness!

With two polar opposite things, it’s hard to see how sometimes you can see greatness when you’re down. The very things that push you around in life are the very things that give you lift…which enables you to FLY! Without the downs, you can’t recognize the ups and without the up’s you can’t recognize the downs. Embrace at all and FLY today!!

Can happiness learned?  Some people ask if it is something that we are inherently born with or if there could be something else aligning our stars.  I believe that happiness can be learned – even when life has valleys.  External circumstances don’t equate to happiness.  It doesn’t matter how much money you make, what kind of car you drive, or if you are blessed with love.  External circumstances are key to our UNHAPPINESS!  Internal circumstances are key to eternal HAPPINESS!  Happiness is an internal job.  Read that again…


Circumstances boost everyone’s happiness for short time but it is not sustainable for the long run.

So how do you achieve that level of happiness when everything around you seems to be rolling downhill? Your outlook and approach to what life brings will ultimately bring happiness.  You can’t look at life with negativity and hatred and expect to be happy.  Happiness is a choice.  It is a feel good emotion that engages in a life worth living where you use your strengths to make a contribution to society.   Yes!  YOUR STRENGTHS!!  The ones that you don’t know that you have but YOU DO!!!  Find them and USE THEM!  Feeling a connection to the larger picture of life helps you manage the ups and downs that you ARE going to come across.  You know the cliche:  “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.”  Tell yourself that you CAN!  Don’t use those struggles as a stopping point for misery.  Helping others gives you reason to exist.  Sharing your imperfection with the world makes others realize that they truly aren’t alone.

  1. Give to others without expectation.  Yes, that’s hard.  But when you give without wanting anything in return, you will gain a deeper sense of meaning your life.
  2. Give thanks of the joy that you do have.  Some days you make have to dig deep to really find it, but it’s there.  Gratitude is proven to increase mental and emotional health.  Fill your brain and heart up with more feel-good emotions rather than ones that drain you.
  3. Stop playing the victim and focus on what’s working rather than what’s not working.  Choose to focus on what you need to eliminate and add to your life.
  4. Grow your uplifting circle.  When disaster strikes, you need friends and family to lean on.  It makes the trying times less impactful and lasting.  Success in business relies on the connection to others just as success in relationships grows mental and emotional health.  Share your good mood, thoughts, encouragement and support and trust that your circle will be there when you need it from them.  *please note – if you are not receiving this from your circle, you need to re-evaluate the circle you are in.  It’s easy to put ourselves in circles that are unhealthy.

Ultimately, choose to be happy FIRST.  Not after a raise, a car, a house, or a relationship.  Don’t put your happiness in the future hands of something or someone else.  Seek happiness first and success will grow from that.  The time we make for pleasure and connection is what truly counts.  Live this way….and magic will come and your will FLY!!

What do you think?