Fairy Light Pumpkin DIY

With a Dollar Tree foam pumpkin, you can create this Fairy Light pumpkin in about 30 minutes!

I don’t know about you, but you can never have too many pumpkins when it comes to the fall season! Some of the creations I make, I use year after year while others, tend to show up one year and then never again. Most often, it because trends change.

However, this Fairy Light Pumpkin DIY is a keeper that I don’t know that I’ll ever get rid of. There’s something about adding fairy lights to a project that just takes it over the top.

Here’s what you need to create your own Fairy Light Pumpkin:

  • Foam Pumpkin (any foam pumpkin will work)
  • Silk flowers
  • Fairy lights
  • Washi Tape
  • Hot glue

Using your washi tape, apply your fairy lights leaving some “give” around the actual light. This is where we’re going to be attaching our flowers. Continue in a random order so that the lights are applied to the entire pumpkin.

There is no need to worry about the washi tape showing; it will be covered in the next step.

For the next step, we’re going to be taking apart the silk flowers and hot gluing them around the lights.

Make sure you remove all of the plastic (the stem and the middle) from the flower so you are left with holes in the middle of the petals. This hole is where you are going to insert the fairy lights. Apply a little bit of hot glue to every flower petal so it stays in place and attaches to the pumpkin.

Continue applying the flowers until the lights and pumpkin are covered. If you need to add some more flowers after you run out of lights to cover, that’s ok.

Add some batteries to your fairy lights and it’s ready to display!

This is an easy project to do with little’s since there isn’t a lot that mess. Just help them with the hot gluing and they’ll be in heaven that they created something fun!

If you prefer following along with a video while I show you how to put one together, here is a video for you!

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As another teaser, here is the pumpkin beautifully lit up!

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