Drawer Liner DIY

When you’re looking to dress up your decor with a small POP of color, this Drawer Liner DIY is sure to please!

Drawer Liner DIY

Sometimes it’s the little things that make life a little bit more exciting! I like to take notice of the small details in decorating that really don’t have to take a lot of time or money. I used to really dislike the shelf liners that were used when I was a little girl. But today, there are so many eye-catching designs, that it really makes decorating FUN!

Here are the super simple steps to completing your own Drawer Liner DIY!

I used the Pioneer Woman Celia Floral Design for this project. I LOVE the colors and the flowers and it matched perfectly with the Elegant Desk Transformation that I worked on for Rust-o-leum!

Vintage Desk Transformation

The drawer liners are easy to work with since the adhesive isn’t super strong and there are grid marks on the back for cutting.

The first step of any drawer liner DIY is going to be cleaning all of the gunk off the drawers and shelving that you’re going to be covering. This desk was bought from someone that was getting rid of it and it needed alot of help. I just used a little bit of dish soap and water. You will also want to make sure it is completely dry before cutting and applying your vinyl.

Drawer liner cleanup

Now the fun part!!!

drawer liner

The back of the adhesive vinyl has grid marks making it easy to measure. You will want to make sure that you allow for 1/4″ shrinkage so just make sure to add that to the measurement that you are needing.

If you don’t allow 1/4″ for shrinkage, you’ll get an area that is uncovered on the sides.

I did end up painting the insides of the drawers after I applied the drawer liners. You don’t have to but I wanted it to all match and flow.

Just so you are aware, there is a lot of liner in one roll. I didn’t even use a 1/4 of one roll and have enough left over to probably do all of my kitchen cabinets! And the best part, one roll only cost a little over $5 at Walmart!

This is at the top of my list as one of the easiest and cheapest DIY’s that made the biggest impact on my project!

If you’re loving this Pioneer Woman Celia Floral Design, check out all the other things that she has to match!!

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