Dollar Store Home Sweet Home Farmhouse Book Stack

Making a set of Farmhouse Book Stacks doesn’t have to be expensive or hard. Here is an easy step by step process for you to create some of your own or for gift giving!

I love easy dollar tree projects that I can share with you in confidence that every one of you can create it! There is something about creating that lots of people feel like they “can’t” do and I’m here to prove that wrong!

You can create amazing things! And you can do it CHEAP!

This Farmhouse Book Stack is the perfect project for you to try.

Here is what you’re going to need to make some of your own. These also make great gifts! Start thinking about that Christmas list you’re going have to fulfill in a new months!


  • Hardcover Books, Three – Dollar Store
  • Silk Flowers, White – Dollar Store
  • Natural Twine – Dollar Store
  • Craft Paint – White, Ivory, Light Grey
  • Alphabet Stamps – Upper and Lower Case
  • Ink Pad, Black – this archival ink is my favorite!
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Wire Cutters

You can get the majority of these items at the dollar store, but I did include some affiliate links if you like to shop from home.

Gather all supplies.  Remove the paper dust covers and base coat the canvas covers of the books with a mixture of white and ivory craft paint.  Don’t over mix the colors and let the base coat be rough, so the dark base is visible through the paint.  Set aside to dry.

Dry brush light grey paint around the sides and edges of the books, in places that wear would naturally occur.  Set aside to dry.

Using both the upper- and lower-case alphabet stamps, select the message HOME SWEET HOME.  Place the books spine up, tap each letter stamp in the ink pad and stamp on the spine.  The irregularity of the stamped letters gives the project farmhouse charm.

Stack the books together and wrap with twine 10 to 12 times, securing the end with a knot and leaving the tails long.  

To create a bow, wrap the twine around your hand 10 to 12 times, trim the end and place in center of book stack.  

Secure in place by knotting the tails around the bow.

To finish, snip off a section of a small silk flower bunch with wire cutters and tuck into the bow.

Change things up by stamping a message that speaks to you and embodies your home and family.  Your family and friends will never know how quick and easy this trendy book stack was to create!

This is a great classic piece that will work for so many things. It would be a cherished wedding gift with the bride and groom’s initials and wedding date.

The possibilities are limitless and I’d love to see what you stamp on yours!

I’d love for you to PIN this to your Pinterest boards and share it with all of your friends on social media! Grab some girlfriends and get together and create a bunch of them.

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