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    Newsletter Subscription!!

    Over on FB, we have a very active page that reaches a lot of customers!  Unfortunately, because of FB analytics, it limits our reach if there isn’t an interaction over a certain period of time and we no longer show up in your Newsfeed.  That’s bad news for you! We are going to start creating a weekly newsletter that includes specials and promotions, new items, giveaways, events, and how-to’s!  By signing up for this newsletters, you have a chance to see what’s going on with The Ruffled Daisy in caseyou miss it on other social media platforms.  Remember, we’re on Instagram and Twitter too!!  Make sure you subscribe to those…

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    Newest SIDS Research

    Many of you know that I had a baby girl pass on to be with the Lord on December 15, 1996.  It was the most horrible experience I have ever felt and pray that parents never have to go through this.  She did pass of SIDS and so I try to stay with with the latest research in hopes that there is a cure someday.  Here is a link to the most recent article which states that “Babies who die from sudden infant death syndrome make low amounts of the message-carrying brain chemical serotonin needed to regulate sleep, breathing and heart rate.” One less baby to pass from this horrible…