Be You Not Them

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Life is about creating yourself! Learn how to BE YOU and not them! Success is doing what you want to do, not what others want you to do!

Be You Not Them

Being a business owner, I follow alot of women in business and take their mentorship to heart. Being able to look up to other women is an amazing thing that we have in today’s age with social media. I am able to follow women that have the same dreams and passions of pursuing their own business, just like me.

With that though comes comparison though. It’s easy to look at another author and think “I need to follow her path because she is THERE in her success”. It’s easy to look at another creative and think “she learned from this and that and I need to do that too so that I have her success”. It’s easy to look at another mentor and think “how can I be that for women that look up to me – what is she doing that I can do?”

While looking up to other women can be encouraging and uplifting, it can also be deadly to yourself. You see, the women who I see as “successful” are there because they took the path that was right for them. They have, no doubt, taken nuggets of information from others, but they ultimately lived in who they were created to be and succeeded. Any successful person you meet, man or woman, become successful because they didn’t copy someone else. They worked their booty off in their own way.

You need to be a real version of yourself and not a copycat version of someone else.

The same goes for if you are a mom. Another mom may look like they have their entire life figured out, but that life wouldn’t work for you even if it seems like it would. Even if you think, Lord, just let me try it for a day. It won’t work because it’s not your way.

Today, I want you to BE YOU! Stay in your path. You can watch the highlight reel of other amazing women while you’re on your path, as long as you remember that THIS IS YOUR PATH! You are only going to get where you are going if you are YOU and no one else. No version of anyone else.

So, read all the books you want, listen to all the podcasts, learn all the skills – but none of it will matter if you aren’t YOU!

I want to see YOU!

I want to see what YOU bring to this world! I don’t want to see what you bring to the world based on what you think you should be doing based on what someone else told you.

It’s YOU and it’s YOUR path! This is what makes us amazingly unique!! This is what makes the world amazingly special!! Because YOU have something to bring and share with the world that absolutely NO ONE ELSE can do in the way that you can. When you are doing YOU, it will be natural.

Go be the mom that YOU are supposed to be.
Go be the business woman YOU are supposed to be.
Go be the wife YOU are supposed to be.
Go be the daughter YOU are supposed to be.
Go be the friend YOU are supposed to be.

When you do those things, ALL of the relationships and ALL of the things around you will multiply and flourish!!

Guess what?! I have a FREE printable for you!! Snag the FREE download HERE without the watermark! I want you to print it out and display it where you can see it everyday as a reminder to yourself.

Be You Not Them

SUCCESS IS DOING WHAT YOU WANT TO BE DOING AT ALL TIMES! Not what someone else tells you to be doing.

Go be successful in ALL the things.

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Be You Not Them

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