Amazing Peel and Stick Wallpaper Transformation

Wallpaper doesn’t have to be scary anymore!! With the Walls Need Love Peel and Stick Wallpaper, you’re getting a no-mess transformation in no time!!

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

For most people, when you hear the word “wallpaper” you cringe! It reminds me of the days when it was in every room in the house. The install was MESSY and time-consuming and removing it at any point was a nightmare! Most people would rather move than remove wallpaper!

I was definitely in that category!!

When I came across Walls Need Love, I was intrigued at their promise of NO MESS, and QUICK and EASY to install! I needed to know if they help true to their claim!

And let me tell you – I am a HUGE FAN of wallpaper now!!!!

They are removable without ANY tools, washable (which is amazing with kiddos in the house) and they have amazing designs!

Here is what my space looked like before…
Now let me show you how easy it is to install this Peek and Stick Wallpaper!

I was wanting to transform two spaces in my house. For my hallway, I chose the Pastel Flowers. I wanted something that would put my personality in the room but also please the hubby.

When you place your order on their website, you’re going to give them the measurements to the wall that you are wanting to do the install on. They will send you sheets based on that making it fit perfectly. They even give you the tools you need!

peel and stick wallpaper tools

First up, wipe down your wall with a rag that is slightly damp to remove any buildup that may be there from everyday living or fingerprints.

Peel and stick wallpaper

For the application process, you will need a level. This will help the design stay straight all the way across the wall.

With your first sheet, you simply start at the top with some overlap and peel the backing and press against the wall. There is alot of give in the sheets, you are able to lift and move if you need to get it straight.

I had a crown molding piece attached to my wall so I pushed my piece under it to start.

With some of the wallpaper started, you can begin pressing it down to remove any bubbles with the tool that you received with your order.

peel and stick wallpaper

Continue the process by removing the backing and pressing to the wall until you get to the bottom of your wall. Then trim it with the knife tool that you got your order.

When you get to an outlet, you can splice the wallpaper into an “X” and remove the excess.

Continue down the wall to complete and that’s it!!

You guys!! This was NO MESS!!! That was amazing to me!

I’m obsessed with it but if I EVER want to remove it, it just peels off and doesn’t leave any residue or destroy the wall or paint underneath!

This takes wallpapering to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!! You really should try it out in a small area of your home and see for yourself!!

Head over to WALLS NEED LOVE to check out ALL of the AMAZING designs! There is something for everyone in your family! If you want the one I chose, just search for “Pastel Flowers.”

It is the PERFECT addition to my hallway and I just know you’re going to fall in love with it too!

peel and stick wallpaper PIN
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