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9 Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Inviting

The kitchen is the focal point of most homes. I’m giving you 9 ways to make your kitchen more inviting for your family and friends!

The kitchen has been an integral part of every home for decades; it’s where meals are cooked and eaten, homework is done and guests are entertained.

There are so many ways to make your kitchen more open and inviting.

Kitchens should be inviting places where we can relax and spend time being creative with our loved ones. When it comes right down to it: Home is where people feel most comfortable and at ease – they’re able to kick off their shoes, sprawl out on the couch and not worry about anything else but themselves (and maybe a small furry companion).

I’ve also included a FREE printable for you to download and use in your kitchen!

Here are 9 ways to make your kitchen more inviting:

1. Paint it white – or a color that is very close to white. There’s something about clean, crisp white on walls (and cabinets) that really draws people in; it seems brighter than it actually is and makes the space feel bigger than it actually is. It’s also a neutral color which means you’re able to work with it in any style, regardless of how traditional or modern.

2. Add a backsplash made from something other than stainless steel, ceramic tile or laminate. Sure, these materials are durable and easy to clean – but they’ll also make your kitchen feel cold (especially if you have white cabinets.) Look for small-scale projects that will bring warmth and texture into the space while updating your kitchen at the same time with wooden accent tiles, concrete or even marble.

3. Clear out all of those appliances that no longer work properly or don’t match in color. Appliances can really date a kitchen; it’s best to sell them off at places like FB Marketplace or eBay before buying new ones that will give you more bang for your buck! If you’re ready to do some renovations on your kitchen, then you may want to consider building in new appliances – things like a microwave cart, an island with a sink or even space for a refrigerator.

4. Hang art work! Your walls are blank and that can feel dull and depressing. Try hanging artwork instead of pictures above your couch or bed (where it will still look nice!) You’ll have to be willing to spend the time searching for pieces that fit in your kitchen’s style but it will be worth the effort when you find something that works well with your décor and makes you smile every time you walk by.

5. Add comfortable seating. Pull up stools next to the counter so your family and friends can sit while they wait for their food; add a small table and chairs so that everyone can enjoy snacks or a meal together (and then you won’t have to worry about moving the coffee table into the kitchen.) Even a simple bench will do; it gives your kitchen an incredible amount of character and is something just about anyone can afford.

6. Don’t forget to consider the lighting. If you have bright lights overhead, they’ll make everything in your kitchen look smaller. Instead, opt for sconces or chandeliers which will give more light from surface level instead of below so that everything seems larger. Also remember to pay attention to sunlight. Set up shades or move furniture around so that the natural light hits directly at breakfast time.

7. Another way to make your kitchen more homey is to add some decor that is personal to you – like your family’s favorite artwork, a shelving unit made out of wood from a tree in the backyard or even a decorative pillow set. You can even tackle your own DIY craft project to add exactly the right touch to your kitchen decor.

8. Plants or foliage also make a room feel more livable. Try adding some plants to the window sills or on small tables for effect; succulents are particularly great because they can survive without water for several weeks at a time, making them easy to maintain even when you’re busy and forgetful!

9. Add scented candles and potpourri! It’ll draw people in and offer them an escape from the rest of the house.


As you can see, these 9 ways to make your kitchen more inviting aren’t hard to implement at all – it just involves taking some time to think about what would make your place feel comfortable and at home.

Remember: A welcoming kitchen is the perfect way to show off who you are.

I hope these 9 ways to make your kitchen more inviting work for you. It’s important that kitchens are inviting spaces that make you happy whether or not guests are coming over… but it’s also nice to show off!

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