Year of Dates

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A strenthened marriage was one of the my resolutions for this year.   This is such an easy concept that really anyone can do. It’s an easy way to build relationships with those around you. You can use it if you’re married or just dating. It can be used in friendships or with extended family members. It can even be used with each of the children in your family, separately.

I gave my husband a “Year of Dates“. Simply put, it is a pre-set series of dates that will be taken once a month. ONCE-A-MONTH! It can’t get much easier than that. This does take some prior planning on the givers part. Some of the dates are completely preplanned and some of them will take some input from the other party. Make sure you sit down to think about things that would make your partner happy when planning this. Think about doing this with your children!! How cool would it be to focus ONE DAY A MONTH solely on them. It’s possible! We just have to unplug and DO IT!

It was presented to him in a simple manilla envelope that was fancied up a bit.  Each of the dates inside the envelope was on a separate colored sheet of paper detailing the day/evening/weekend events.  Feel free to use the wording for the cover if you want to incorporate this into your year.

“MERRY CHRISTMAS!  This year I want to give you the gift of time.  Just you and me!  Each page is labeled by month with a date idea!  All of them are new things that we have never done.  Some will keep us local and some will make us step out of our comfort zone and some we will have to pack a bag for.  At the beginning of each month, we will sit down and discuss any decisions that need to be made regarding the date.  Some will take prior research and others will be completely planned for you.  Together we will decide on a date to do it.  I LOVE YOU and can’t wait to spend this time with you growing our marriage and learning more about each other!”

Here is a sampling of some of the things that I have planned:

Couples canvas painting class, a couples cooking class, visiting a burlesque show, having a picnic date, Farmer’s Market visit with Food Crawl, attending dinner theater, overnight bed and breakfast stay, art museum visit, brewery tour, and a couples massage.  This is just a small sampling.  During each date I do have other things planned and you can use your imagination to tailor the dates to your likes and interests!

Take this opportunity to sit down and think about how you can make your year amazing with your family and friends by planning dates of your own!!  GOOD LUCK and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!!

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