The Elf is BACK!!

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I know, I know!  For those of us with kids at home who chose to participate in the Elf on the Shelf – we kinda dread this part of the season.  There are so many other things to be doing this season other than trying to remember to hide a silly elf that supposedly “spies” on your kids and reports their behavior back to Santa!  Sure, I do it.  My kids enjoy it.  But I’m a slacker mom at it.  I don’t go all out and put the silly thing in situations that require a lot of work from me.  Some days I make it fun; but let’s be honest…most days I forget to move the darn thing at all.  THEN, I have some come up with some excuse as to why we didn’t move the night before.

Who thought up the idea of this anyways??  He or she is on my naughty list?  Yes, I appreciate seeing the joy in my children’s eyes when looking each morning….sooooo…….I continue to do it.  Even my teenager still enjoys looking for this silly thing.

With that being said, I have created a Slacker Mom Elf On The Shelf calendar for you!  And what’s even better – it’s not dated so you can keep it from year to year.  I mean really – the kid’s aren’t going to know from one year to the next if you are doing the same thing or not.  And honestly, it’ll start traditions that they look forward to.  Example: my kiddos always expect the Elf to bring them hot chocolate!

WAIT!!  You don’t have one of these things??  You can get one a boy or a girl one HERE!

So here ya go!!  Print this baby off and hide it so your secrets don’t get out 🙂

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