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    Are you Listening?

    Are you listening? I mean truly listening? In today's fast paced world, it's a hard thing to do and is something that we need to be conscious about every single day.

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    Starting Today!

    We are the ones that decide to grow or to remain the same; to stay comfortable or experience the risk of something new. Starting today!

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    What’s My Definition – Five Ways to Find Yours!

    At some point in everyone’s life, we all ask the question – what’s my definition? Life circumstances “shape” who we are but they don’t necessarily “define” who we are.  SHAPE means to influence the development of something or to help something become what it is. DEFINE means to state the “precise” meaning of. Clear as mud, right?!? Think of it this way… It’s time for your loved ones to plan your funeral.  You’re gone.  There will be many stories about the life that shaped who you were. Those stories are simply that – they shaped who you were as a person. What defines you (your definition) is something so much…

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    Quick and Easy Stenciled Chair Makeover

    Taking an old and worn out piece of furniture and transforming it into a new and pretty piece makes my heart flutter! This Stenciled Chair Makeover does just that!  The fact that this piece has a unicorn AND glitter makes my whimsical heart happy!! If you have an old chair, a stencil, and some paint then it’s time to get to creating one of your own!  Wouldn’t this look amazing in a little girl’s room?  Mine currently resides in my office! I partnered up with Rust-Oleum to bring you this quick and easy DIY that anyone can do! Once I wiped the chair down and removed any heavy residue, I chose…

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    Hello Summer Banner Sign

    The changing of the seasons is always a fun time to spruce up your decor!  This Hello Summer Banner Sign is the perfect project for you to create this weekend and have it ready to display on your fireplace mantle of in your entryway.  The fabric strips create a sense of whimsy that is make this project FUN to create. You only need a few supplies that you may have around the house! A wooden 1x12x18 pine board, two cup hooks, a “Hello Summer” stencil, multiple colors of paint, a piece of twine, and some scrap fabric. Using a dark or grayish colored paint, slightly water it down to make…

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    Four Steps To Creating A Fairy Garden In 15 Minutes

    I have wanted a fairy garden since I was a little girl!  There is a sense of whimsy and imagination that comes along with fairy’s that I think everyone can appreciate.  You can make a fairy gardens large or small depending on your space, time and budget.  Fairy gardens are also great ways for kids to learn how to take care of plants.  Let each of your kiddos create one of their own to tend to throughout the year! There are 4 simple steps to creating a fairy garden! Once you know what they are and have all of your supplies, you’ll have  yours done in 15 minutes!  Get the…

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    Creating A Spa On A Budget

    In home spa

    When people think of a spa they think of “expensive”.  I know I do.  While I would love to have spa days at least once a month where someone else does all of the prepping and pampering, real life doesn’t let that happen.  Creating a spa on a budget in your own home doesn’t have to be expensive though.  AND, you can get the same added benefits of paying hundreds of dollars for someone else to create one for you. Creating your own spa is easy when you use your 5 senses!  It’s that simple! Sight – candles are the first thing that people think of when it comes to…

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    Success Versus CRAP Identity?

    In order to achieve success you have to believe that you are capable of achieving it.  What is success versus crap identity?  Many of us have a lot of CRAP that we tell ourselves.   That we aren’t smart enough or good enough.  We have limiting beliefs inside of us that hold us back from the true successes that are within our reach.  Another CRAP thought is “I’m stuck!”.  It’s those limiting beliefs that keep us from moving forward.  You become frustrated and have difficult times because of these limiting beliefs.  That CRAP is what is keeping you from succeeding.  Simply put, you are letting that CRAP be your identity!  If…