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    Starting Today!

    We are the ones that decide to grow or to remain the same; to stay comfortable or experience the risk of something new. Starting today!

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    2 Steps to Claiming Your Magical JOY

    What is Joy?  According the to english dictionary is is an emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires. In order to have magical joy you have to chose yourself. Let me follow up by saying that this isn’t a post about selfishness!  Selfishness in the sense of the word is having NO CARE for others around you.  When you are done reading today, you will see what in loving yourself, you can love those around you with an even greater power! I was in the dollar spot at Target and as if being there wasn’t already my favorite; add in…

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    Dear Teenage Son

    Dear Son, You are foraging into tough years.  I know that and I see it.  Please know, that these years are going to be hard for me also.  Yes, I’ve been a teenager, but now I am experiencing all of it with new eyes.  Please be patient with me as I will be patient with you. Let’s get the first, and most awkward talk, out-of-the-way.  Girls.  I will have HIGH expectations for the girl you will bring around.  I will be jealous.  Yes, I know that sounds weird but you will understand when you have your own little girl.  I will understand that there will be girls you don’t bring…

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    EASY School Lunch Ideas and FREE Printable Lunchbox Notes

    With the start of school, many parents are dealing with the packing of lunches every morning and having EASY school lunch ideas makes all of our morning go a lot smoother. Our school offers hot lunches but kiddos prefer to take their own everyday.   And let’s face it, my oldest is 15 and at 6’3″, the hot school lunches never seem to be enough, coupled with the fact that they would spend so much money on ala-carte items to make up for it.  School lunches were getting to be SO expensive for things that in my opinion wasn’t worth it. Buying, packing and getting lunches ready for the day can…

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    What’s My Definition – Five Ways to Find Yours!

    At some point in everyone’s life, we all ask the question – what’s my definition? Life circumstances “shape” who we are but they don’t necessarily “define” who we are.  SHAPE means to influence the development of something or to help something become what it is. DEFINE means to state the “precise” meaning of. Clear as mud, right?!? Think of it this way… It’s time for your loved ones to plan your funeral.  You’re gone.  There will be many stories about the life that shaped who you were. Those stories are simply that – they shaped who you were as a person. What defines you (your definition) is something so much…

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    Creating A Spa On A Budget

    In home spa

    When people think of a spa they think of “expensive”.  I know I do.  While I would love to have spa days at least once a month where someone else does all of the prepping and pampering, real life doesn’t let that happen.  Creating a spa on a budget in your own home doesn’t have to be expensive though.  AND, you can get the same added benefits of paying hundreds of dollars for someone else to create one for you. Creating your own spa is easy when you use your 5 senses!  It’s that simple! Sight – candles are the first thing that people think of when it comes to…

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    Success Versus CRAP Identity?

    In order to achieve success you have to believe that you are capable of achieving it.  What is success versus crap identity?  Many of us have a lot of CRAP that we tell ourselves.   That we aren’t smart enough or good enough.  We have limiting beliefs inside of us that hold us back from the true successes that are within our reach.  Another CRAP thought is “I’m stuck!”.  It’s those limiting beliefs that keep us from moving forward.  You become frustrated and have difficult times because of these limiting beliefs.  That CRAP is what is keeping you from succeeding.  Simply put, you are letting that CRAP be your identity!  If…

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    How To Manifest Your Success In 6 Easy Steps

    “It’s never too late to be happy.”  “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”  You’ve heard it been said before.  “Take today and move forward.”  But how do you manifest your success?  I’ve got 6 easy steps for you to implement TODAY that will put you on a FAST path to your success! These 6 steps will keep you emotionally and mentally strong to stay the path to success no matter what that means in your life. Our lives are solely in our own hands. While we can elevate others to places of great importance in our lives, ultimately if we are not happy, no one…

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    I Hope You Fail – How It Will Make You A Better Person

    I hope you fail!  I really do! When someone says “failure” usually the words that come to mind are sadness, fear, making a fool of myself, desperation, panic, shame, and heartbreak. But here’s what else you need to know about that word!  Helping, generous, openness, knowledge, bravery and courageous are all built from failure. To pretend that we can get to the latter emotions without feelings the pains of failure is a dangerous and misguided assumption. Your failure is guiding you to greater things. It is preparing you for interactions with others in which you will be viewed as the brave one and the generous one. You ever have those…